View Full Version : Do not buy!

09-30-2015, 11:04 PM
Do not buy this game.

Aside from gameplay and questionable design decisions, there are too many things wrong about this game in its current state. I say current state because as a long term fan, I really hope things can be addressed, but the backbone of this game is so bad that I highly doubt it will. Here are some glimpses of the problems:

- Slow, sluggish on my high-end PC
- 3D models are major downgrades from heroes 6.
- Little to no graphical effects, animations. When creatures attack, you can't tell what's happening. When spells are casted, things are underwhelming. When the hero attacks, it's a mere raise of the arm.
- Windows and buttons look like designs of a student. Slow, unresponsive

- Mostly recycled from previous games
- Little to no combat sound effects

Quality of life:
- In-town keyboard shortcut hints are wrong (all "1")

If they used heroes 6 engine and built the new features around it, it would have been way cheaper and much better than this disappointing release that's probably killing the franchise. The problems with the game makes it very difficult to enjoy the game even if I remind myself that it's more about the gameplay.