View Full Version : Problems and bad design decisions

09-30-2015, 09:31 PM
1. Experience gain is too big from battles

in CB2 I got level 10 by end of week 2 on normal difficulty level on the map Fire and Blood. That was possible before only on special maps.
Yesterday I tried this map again with the easy mode(3 native heroes) and now I beat them on Heroic and can become level 13+ first week with just 10 battles.

Battles were moderate for multiplayer veterans. I can`t make a decent multiplayer map with this experience gain. Heroes will become level 30 end of week 2. It doesn`t help that the AI is extremely dumb so I must rely on quantity of neutral monsters to make it challenging. It becomes like a circle.

dumb AI => need more monsters => more exp gain(big hero level)=>
trumps dumb AI === SUPER DUMB GAME

2. 3 native heroes in tavern

3. Dumbest AI in heroes franchise...really they should advertise it along with the most complete experience in heroes franchise..

+ AI knows how to flank and moves in a position so that it cannot be fully flanked

- when AI faces single 1s and a stack of 20 it should attack the bigger stack, now it attacks always the 1s. I was used to hide to bigger stack now there is no need.

- AI should always target shooters with their shooters or at least not single 1s every time.

- When AI blocks itself or can`t reach this turn it shouldn`t go backwards but defend

- It doesn't know how to cross a bridge. Yesterday I had a stack of Earth Elementals parading on its side of the battlefield, unable to cross the bridge separating the two halves of the battlefield. By the time it found out how to cross over, my Hero had demolished the stack for the most part;

- I was able to play the game of lure and bait with an enemy stack, by moving Cores on opposite sides. The AI always seemed to prefer the closest stack. In the mean time, my Shooters were turning it into a pin cushion;

- Units tend to move sideways instead of advancing, even if there's room to do so;

Missing features

1, Sim turns - this was a big fat lie. There are no actual sim turns in the game

2. No random faction

3. Shooters can`t engage if I want them to only if blocked

4. When designing maps the mapmaker chooses whether to put a Hydra or a Black Dragon dwelling

5. No starting bonus in skirmish maps (the old resource, gold or artifact)

6. Towns don`t have special effect like they did in heroes5 (increase level 3 production by 1, give 2 mercury at the start of the week)