View Full Version : Military/Police Clan Recruiting - PS4

09-30-2015, 09:21 PM
New clan, started by LEOs/Military looking for others with training who will be on the same page.

To have a clan for LEOs and Military members, both active and not, Casual and Hardcore where we can play and be on the same page; stacking, clearing etc.,

Hardly any. We dont care how good you are and how much you play, were all grownups with lives. We just want you to have basic tactical training that every LEO agency and Basic training teaches. It will make things much more fun in R6 Siege.

We will always have some people on so you can group up and have fun, while being able to talk about things others in the clan will understand.
We will run Gamebattle type clan wars whenever we decide. Be a bit competitive and see how that goes. (No requirement to participate)
We will have a groupme set up for coordination and chat.
And perhaps some drinking sessions with people in your area. (Coca cola)

How to apply:
PM me with your PSN ID, or add Spanky_ on PSN with a quick messege of who you are and why youre adding me (i.e Hey, im ex-military looking to join the clan)