View Full Version : Banshee stack could not move forward after first turn

09-30-2015, 08:07 PM
Playing Hotseat on the Large 4-player multiplayer map (whose name escapes me now) :(
Windows 7 64bit.

Maybe two weeks? into the game.

I was playing as Necro, had a stack of spiders, a stack of Ghosts, a stack of Banshess, a stack of skeletons, and a stack of skeleton hoplites.

Waited with all units, let the enemy shooters shoot me. Moved all units forward.

At the beginning of the next combat turn, the Banshees go first. I was unable to move them forward. I had the option to move them to any square BEHIND the unit, facing back toward my hero, a 90 degree arc-wide path. I could not move directly to the side or forward in any way, and those squares were all greyed out.

I had the unit wait, none of the other units had problems.

All other units took their turn, and the Banshees were able to move normally again.