View Full Version : Some bugs,what i find when play necro campaign

09-30-2015, 08:00 PM
Flame wall can't cast on last line of battlefield(if try-wall casted on penult line).
Spell Call of reinforcements from town bad work,always need two cast,only after 2 cast(after first cast animation i can cast again O.o) window with army open.
Some-times Lich cost in Call reinforcements from town as big unit,some-times as small... Spiders always 1 mana per unit cost(they 4x4 unit).
Skill Clarity fully broken. Penalty in -20 magic can be already in first turn in battle(and ofc cant double action).And you can activate him without casting any spell,if you just choose any spell,but cancel cast(again - 20 and kill double action). Some-times that penalty exist on global map(I notice very small damage from blessing of Arkat,open battle spells and see they damage as -20 magic).
Skill Eternal service some-times don't work.

Please,fix them.. With them necro 4 mission so hard;(