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09-30-2015, 07:31 PM
Since I've been playing the game, I've compiled a list of issues I've encountered and I feel I ought to post them here now.

1) On the victory screen popup, the "Level Up" text when to the right of the left player box appears behind the right, opponent box (if the player was attacked, the text appears to the right of the right box, and outside of the popup). If the text wasn't behind the box, it might interfere or overlap some text in the right box, and so the location of the text might have to lowered so as not to cause a problem.
Fixed in patch 1.2

2) Amulet of Disguise (perhaps other similar artifacts as well): Previous battles' Fog Shroud spells from the amulet don't get removed from the spellbook, creating many such spell icons there instead of just the one available, which should disappear when used so there is only one icon for the amulet at any given time.

3) Right-clicking notification messages on the right of the screen doesn't dismiss them (contrary to what the loading screen tip says).
Fixed in patch 1.2

4) Sometimes in combat, when my Dire Wolves were present and moving 1st in the initiative, their movement has been restricted (usually they can't move forward); but if the Hero takes an action first, their full movement range is restored. I've read of this glitch happening with other creatures as well in similar circumstances.

5) At master level Warfare skill, the tooltip for the level 4 Healing Sister states that some creatures will be resurrected. However, this is not happening. Not sure what's correct, but if no creatures are supposed to be resurrected then it shouldn't appear on the tooltip.

6) In Haven campaign mission 3, with Konrad fighting at the bridge, in some rounds the Hero Konrad won't be available for his Hero action. The radial menu at the bottom right of the screen doesn't even have his picture there and the hero attack and spellbook buttons are nonfunctional.

7) Unless I'm misjudging something -- and I don't think I am -- the Marksman ability "shoot at ALL units in a line" is not working.
Ah, I wasn't misjudging, but was mistaken: For some reason I didn't notice that the shoot ALL ability had to be selected. I was thinking it was inherent.

I'll post more to this thread as and when necessary through my continued play. Enjoying the game and the campaign a lot. Thanks devs.

09-30-2015, 11:49 PM
On the Warfare + sisters, you need perfect mastery (level 5 war machines) to get the resurrection, but it won't work on seraphs and their upgrade, haven't tried the other champion.

10-01-2015, 02:37 AM
Yes, I know that. However the tooltip still says it resurrects creatures, which is wrong, and which is the basis of my issue.

10-01-2015, 05:09 PM
8) On the Haven Mission 4 map, several clear road spaces near Hammer Fall are impassable.


10-02-2015, 01:16 PM
9) During Haven Mission 4, the game kept prompting me to choose a new skill for different Heroes when they hadn't leveled up. It seems the game took away the last skill/ability chosen and had to get you to reassign it. However, when the skill is chosen and learned, it reverts to unselected again as soon as you leave the skill wheel screen, causing the game to keep prompting you to choose a skill every turn.

10) On the Haven Mission 4 map, a repairable bridge in the center of the map has only a placeholder name ("mName").


10-02-2015, 07:24 PM
11) When loading a save game during Haven Mission 4, Tomas (only) always starts with depleted mana (20 out of 120), even though I don't use his magic ability in battles... ever.

12) During Haven Mission 4, at least, often there are double pictures of each creature on the initiative bar.

10-02-2015, 09:23 PM
Just adding two bugs I encounted recently:

-Vampire Lifesteal doesn't work when the enemy unit is killed
-after waiting with a unit and moving it you sometimes can't move it in the consecutive turn without using the hero attack

10-05-2015, 08:50 PM
13) In Necropolis mission 2 and others seemingly, mana appears to be fully restored to the hero (Zenda) after every battle.

14) For some missions and/or heroes the game continually fails to remember the battle formation setup.

15) The artifact Mask of the Shadowsmith has its associated spell duplicated 5 times in the spellbook (this seems to be a problem for most artifacts that provide a spell power).

16) In Necropolis mission 2, Instant Recall doesn't appear to work on the map to take Zenda back to Nar Haresh. Nothing happens when the ability is used.

17) The Fountain of Restoration doesn't appear to refresh 4 movement for the hero.

18) Necropolis mission 2 wouldn't advance after completing all quests. I had to use the cheat panel to move on.

10-09-2015, 04:44 PM
19) In Necro mission 4 and probably others, the minimap displays the flags of vanquished enemies long after they've been defeated. Minimap isn't updating on an immediate basis.

20) In Necro mission 4 the AI has two Theodorus heroes, each with a different level. I.e., the AI is permitted to hire duplicate heroes.

21) In Necro mission 4 and probably others, defeated heroes who didn't flee the battle remain available to hire at the respective hall of heroes. A hero should be permanently eliminated if he/she is defeated to the last creature. Otherwise, what is the point of fleeing?

22) The Tower of Necromancy keeps stacking its benefit on heroes every turn, greatly increasing the necromancy rate of those heroes.

23) The ability Clarity sometimes fails to work when it should.
Fixed in patch 1.2

24) In Necro mission 4, when attacking the city of the Sherifs of the Silver Cities (where skull is supposed to be) the game crashes when the battle button is clicked after deploying troops. Rather than the city, it could be a certain hero, who was at first in the city when the game crashed, and then just outside the city when attacked and the game also crashed. The game didn't crash when other enemy heroes were attacked.

25) After multiple battles in the same turn, a hero has his movement and mana restored to full.

26) Loading a high number of saved games during a mission drastically slows down the game to where either the save won't load, or if it does the game plays extremely sluggishly creating many clicking errors and halts in animation. Ultimately, the mission becomes unplayable. I had to stop playing Necro mission 4 on this account.

27) In Necro mission 4, there are statues that are supposed to block movement down the canyon route south (according to a cutscene dialog), but movement can be plotted around them anyway.