View Full Version : This game feels way too easy

09-30-2015, 02:39 PM
I understand that this game as many others is pandering to casual gamers and can't be too difficult.
Though it doesn't even have a tutorial which is a pretty weird combination.

Anyway, I've just started playing the game, tried the Bastion faction for the first time ever and just steamrolled over a heroic difficulty Necro AI.
I didn't even really know the strenghs, weaknesses and abilities of my faction yet.

It's the hardest difficulty I can choose and it's almost a joke. A hero labled as "deadly" came raiding my castle.
The combat AI and AI chosen talents are so ridiculously inefficient, it didn't even matter I had only 1/3 of the enemies army size.

I also tried fighting normal and hard AI players. The normal AI can hardly even be described as playing the game while the hard AI seems to be at least trying.

There doesn't need to be a harder difficulty just please improve the AI's decision making with higher difficulties too.