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09-30-2015, 09:06 AM
Hi !
Just for quick introduction, since i was small baby girl rascal, my brothers used to play HOMM with me, spending days and nights on camping in the room with this epic game. Without them i started to be no lifer and played alone. That's why i don't have many friends now, just me and my drawings (Thaks Ubisoft for making a game that is just TOO GOOD to give up on and go out ! )

Ok now, i was so excited to get this game i didn't even realised, when i ordered it it was still about 3 months before launching (derp )
I feel like i will give feedback on what i received.


1) Figurine

My first reaction was :
-Hey, i got Ken from Ubisoft ( that heads man :D )

You can change his head if you wish, Because, why not, i think its awesome ;d
I didn't play with Barbie as a kid, i will play with Ken as adult.
And this sentence is wrong on so many levels, let's leave it there D:

Pity i didn't get detachable clothes, it would be fun ;) I like it , but i do not like the quality of material of what it's made of. If somebody had collector's edition of The Witcher 3 will understand what i mean by comparing those materials. I think HOMM7 being a title that nobody should miss, deserve a bit better quality . What i mean by this is, i feel extremaly bothered that if this will ever fall even from little height, parts will break or crack. I think it's gonna make me mental and i might keep it super safe.

2) Rest of contents

I am seriously surprised about that compartment with all other contents. The Box is kindof make of 2 compartments, i tried to figure if one of them was ment to be kindof a pocket, i couldn't open it whatsoever so i guess it was ment to be so thin. I think i prefered that HOMM 6 box (maybe not opening as after some time of using it it was not closing anymore) , but insides were very "solid", velvety and well, nice.

Let's start one by one.

* Cards
I really care for the packaging so i was unhappy how hard it was to open the box without damaging the sides . It seems to be slightly too small , i think i will keep them out to prevent struggle. The bottom should be sealed imo, this would prevent cards from coming in between the bottom "wing" and side, giving them n fact a little more space to fit. Like some of trading card's games boxes can be opened only from one side. Also as i mentioned, box should be wider, would spare struggle of both taking them in and out.

Secondly, i expected cards to have graphics on EACH of them , it turned out only highest cards had some art on them. Well ... Personally i would enjoy all of them having some nice pictures, i can buy normal cards myself , you know.

* Music, Litographics

I really liked those, especially idea of putting them in envelope. Than again maybe i would use other paper for envelope, but still - great. Can't say more , art on them is very pretty and will land framed on my wall, music is always good.

* Artbook
I think it was biggest disappointment i had.
HOMM7 enspired me to study Computer Graphics and maybe become character designer. I loved your game , as girl i loved to draw so - hey. I have all previous artbooks of yours and i was literally hyped, with foam coming from my mouth waiting for new artbook , drolling each night you know.

This is huge, huge, huge disappointment. I was used to those big , heavy , quality books of yours showing so many epic, beautiful arts, some history, a word from designers.
This looks like an album made "for the sake of it" or maybe made in hurry , i don't know what happened there. If you wanted to make something to take it easily with you on the way than this was achieved. I miss some explanations, more arts, this big, fat book full of epic inspiration for artists or just people who simply appreciate good piece of game art.
Other thing is paper (whats with material's quality i am asking !?) . Then i opened it looks like french fries - you know, when you treat paper with great deal of ink and than you try to dry it , it soaks and makes, well, french fries.

Don't take me wrong. Art is ofcourse brilliant, some maybe do not keep the lvl (some are soooo simple, too simple in my opinion ) and since i was such small girl, now 26, until i die i will tell to my grandchildren there is no better game o art than that of HOMM , period. But after all these years i cannot sit back quiet when i see injustice made with these contents.
They do look pretty and amazing, but i will still dream you guys would ever make separate arbook, big one.

Lastly, i believe in collector's edition you should have add HOMM3 HD version aswell ...
EDIT : To be precise, i mean physical CD not the code i received. Call me oldschool but i love having CD's and boxes and stuff.

I wish there was also map, some stickers or pendant.

I will not comment on game, i will let you guys play yourself ;)

09-30-2015, 09:24 AM
1) Did you try to detach Ivan's head and put the helm-head one in its place :p? Mine doesn't fit properly, so I kind of have to leave Ivan's normal head on his shoulders...

2) The artbook omits some creatures, portraits and such. I had expected to find a full line-up for each faction, but that's not the case unfortunately...

09-30-2015, 09:49 AM
1) I did. Well, it doesn't fit as easy as default head , that is true. I had to force it in and still you can see a bit of this.. neck (?) thingy so i understand what you mean :/

2) Exactly i felt like somebody was super stingy making it . It looks more like overview album, i also miss some titles, names, clear unit - upgrade distinction, anything - it's just matter-of-fact quick album :/

09-30-2015, 09:52 AM
With Sylvan's creatures barely present, which is quite sad. It's like they had printed the book way before Sylvan would even be in the game xD. Ah well, it's fun to watch as it is, and if we want to collect unit artwork we can find them on the official website as well. Only drawback there is that you have them digitally, and I'm like you in that regard: I too enjoy having the real thing around :D, whether it's a box, a book, a cd, whatever.