View Full Version : Wood Elves ballance

09-30-2015, 07:43 AM
I was horrified to find that the elves are extremely bad ballanced respect to the human race. They have no combat hero who had the good fortune and would lead at least to the 2nd rank. Ekonomics have only Thierry, and only the second rank. Lasir was declared a hero of strenght is but a magician. 3 hero of the thorn, its a bad. Aghatin must be a hero of strenght and dont have water magic! Guys pls reballanced heros skill from SE. Skill mathers treant and the sting very bad- for strenght hero, dont know- take mathers treant and give 2 skill !!!!!!!!! for warfare..... or theas skill worthless, or take strenght hero magic bonus..... IF you tie skill sting to magic power- then its more good and useless