View Full Version : About the CE, and other things.

09-30-2015, 07:26 AM
First of all I'd like to report that my CE is complete. I'm surprised to find complaints from people who weren't so fortunate...clearly something has gone amiss, and really bad.

I do have one minor thing to point out about the figurine, though. Ivan's helm-head doesn't fit. I can remove and return his normal head easily, without having to force anything. His additional head, the one with the helm, won't fit as properly. I feel like I need to press too hard to put it on the figurine, forcing it in such a way that I fear I might break something. Obviously, I don't want to do that, so Ivan will remain helmetless for now. I don't expect it to be possible to get a replacement somehow, but this production error should definately be made known.

Then I have a number of questions.

1: I now own the game, I have the PC DVD, the game code and CE content code, but what if I choose to not install it now, but in a year? Or maybe a year and a half? Do I still need to insert the game key in Uplay and download everything from there, or can I just insert the disk and have it install it from the ground up, with the additional Day 1 patch download and everything that has been rolled out since the release? I ask this, because my PC is currently unable to run a game like MMH7.

2: I understand that the release problems have priority, but is there any indication when the pre-order bonus content key will be sent? Yesterday, I received the key to unlock H3HD in Uplay (which required downloading Steam to actually play), but is that the same key I need to get the four artefacts and portraits that come as a pre-order bonus? Is there a deadline to the key's validity, or is it valid until the moment I redeem it?

Thanks in advance :)

09-30-2015, 07:37 AM
1: I think that once you input the code you can install/donwload anytime you want. It will never go away. Steam is the same with this. Also with steam even if you have the phisical copy, you can always download the game itself from steam and after that it will install (if i am correct it will remove the files it downloaded that are unnecessary and are only needed for installation).

But personally i think you could just install it (and even try if it works, maybe it works just fine) and let it stay on your laptop. There is no harm in (atleast none that i know) having it play ready, right?
Also so long as you keep using the same account i think you can play the game on any device (atleast i think this works for Uplay too, this is how Steam works).