View Full Version : I knew that you will fail again, I just knew it :P

09-29-2015, 10:38 PM
So great and mightly AAA developer droped the ball... again... I don't want to troll here but i was going back from work and talking with my friend about H7 release and we agreed that you will fail again Ubisoft and guess what? You did :p I knew that something is wrong when i saw that GPU selection button in settings... please give me one more title where we can choose GPU from game level not some launcher. Really whats wrong with you? Is this title so innovative to justify such errors as effect of your efforts to do something new? Not really if its anything it's a step backward from VI. I liked VI and i liked V so im quite happy but someone could expect that if you are just treading water you will do it well.

Ok i think it's a good game, lot of units and new lvl system and im happy that you decided to make 6 factions than 4 and then release missing 2 as DLC, combat is good with dmg multip from positioning but why it's soo sloopy it's like some bad manager from marketing and sales forced you to release beta build.