View Full Version : Good Morale damage output too low

09-29-2015, 09:55 PM
So after playing the Haven campaign for a while, I suddenly saw my Sentinel stack (96 units) deal 0 damage on a 'good morale' turn. On the next map, the same occurred to my Legionnaire stack.
The Legionnaire has 1-2 base damage. I had 30 units, so (naturally) the stack damage was 30-60. However, in the good morale turn, this went down to 0-30 (!) This is not 'half damage'. It should be 15-30. Is this a rounding down thing?

Another example: Guardian (16 units), base damage 7-12
Normal turn : 112-192 stack damage
Morale turn (75% dam) : 80-144 stack damage. This should be 84-144.

So obviously the difference is not too big on higher Tier creatures, but using core creatures on Good Morale is just a gamble now. Please try and fix this! Thanks.