View Full Version : 40% off sale..

09-29-2015, 12:02 AM
i was kinda on the fence about paying full price but i saw they had a sale going on greenmangaming.

i just got it on greenmangaming.com for 30 bucks. got a preload key right away for uplay and downloading now.

use this code for the discount

09-29-2015, 02:02 PM
Thanks, I was one of those on the fence persons, and I was considering using the 23% off autmumn code, but this one saved me even more. On the downside, I do not see any indication of qualifying for pre-order since it is day of release (I'm used to steam giving pre-order until 10am PST day of release). So I saved ~20, but I guess I will miss out on the pre-order artifacts. Would be nice to know what I traded saving for to get though and if there will be other ways to get those artifacts...