View Full Version : I hope you all buy both verisons of call of duty?>:).

09-28-2015, 10:55 PM
I think This a great way to show how stupid all of you are and shows you care less about single player games and i hope you buy the 50 dollar verison of call of duty black ops 3.

i know you will buy them just admit it!.

stop hating on ubisoft so much and hate on activistiona dn give activistion a free pass, wait you won't you know why, because your umb!.

watch dogs and ac unity are the ubisoft since obisoly two bad games equal lost of creativity!


thanks for your.

i know syndicate will fail, because it doesn't have online requriments, lol.

it would be nice to see ubisoft to go out buisness!

Have a nice day, oh praise EA And activistion and the recent practices.


Thank you for ruining the gaming industry you stupid ****s!!!!!!!!!.

Activistion practice of last gen and next gen shall be the trend of gaming when both ports succeed in sals, one with single player and one without single player.

call of duty shall be revived and succeed with a horrible trend, i know you will support it!.

Don't lie.

single player games need to die!.


i continue to make posts untill you stupid gamers stop hating on ubisoft!.

but wont happen, because of call of duty new practice!


09-28-2015, 10:58 PM
Could a linguist transfer this to English for us? Thanks.

09-28-2015, 11:09 PM

At least the Call of Duty games are polished and run perfectly at 60fps, performance > fancy graphics.

I always find it funny when AC fans make fun of CoD like they have some kind of moral superiority, It's like an half naked man making fun of an half dressed man, last time I checked your favorite franchise has the exact same problems.

09-28-2015, 11:56 PM
Please Dynasty... these joke threads are getting out of hand... we know you love Ubi and are just messing around but don't keep starting these threads please