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09-27-2015, 03:26 PM
I've been a long time fan of the AC series since the first game, with day-one (when midnight release wasn't available) pickups of all games from 2 to 3. My rig wasn't up to par by black flag, but I picked it up on summer sale after an upgrade, and have recently decided to bring my full-title experience up to date by ordering Rogue and Unity. I played through Rogue first and thoroughly enjoyed the different take on the story. Playing the game was very fun, because Black Flag was very fun, so the re-skin was absolutely no problem. Given Rogue and Unity came out at the same time, I figured Unity would be the same thing, but getting back to the dense urban roots after 3, BF, and Rogue's foray into open-world exploration.

Then I installed the game. Five disks after Rogue's one? I have cruddy internet, so I opted to wait for physical shipping rather than download. It was a wise decision. There were some beefy files on setup, some breaking a dozen gigabytes. Clearly this had to be different from Rogue in a significant way. Upon actually launching it to play, I was surprised, if not shocked to see the differences in the engine right away. Starting out as a medieval Templar with chunky, impact combat? I'd read absolutely NOTHING about Unity. Not a single article, not a single blog, nothing. I was getting ready to play as all of these characters throughout history, and I was going to love it based on this first sequence.

Of course that's not how the thing panned out. It was mildly disappointed to find out that it was playing on the lately established meta-theme of the animus helix stuff being a game, and we were being hacked away from the established content. However, upon seeing the gorgeous realization of Paris, immediately likable characters and even the way velvet was so perfectly done, my body was ready to play the french toast out of this game.

I did a few main story missions until I got a proper set of clothing that wasn't prison rags, ran around doing the first AC instinct, which was sync all the viewpoints, and finally did some internet digging as to what all the map symbols meant. Gold and blue chests were apparently shady and controversial, but hey, I could open them no problem. Fearing this was some sort of server issue, or that the crowd had been so vehemently outraged that they'd pulled the feature, I immediately set out to try and open every single one before the functionality was returned and I was going to have to download apps and go through the tedious process of linking my xbox uplay and PC uplay for continuity, having played all games up to 3 on console, and Black Flag and beyond on PC.

That's when I really first got a taste of combat that wasn't on rails, more or less.



Who is responsible for this!? Who's the knuckle-dragging window-licking arse who had anything to do with ANY of this!? WHY!? I can't even begin to get my thoughts straight on this! It's been four days and I've been trying to play this game and I've alt + F4'd ragequit every time. I'm 23, I've been gaming since I was four, and this is the first time in my LIFE I've vocally, seriously raged to myself in my own office, thrown things, literally screamed "What the **** Ubisoft!?" and vehemently cursed whoever was in charge of this.

I could write novels on how much hate boils inside me when I try to play this game, thinking I'll be just a bit more methodical. Maybe it's me, adapting to the new combat system, or "maybe I just need to use more stealth", but no. It's not french toast me. I want to buy a flying f*ck RC copter off the internet, strap itching powder to it, fly it into the open window of whoever was involved with this combat and blow it all over their nether regions while they're getting dressed. I want to seriously grab someone by the sides of their head and scream "WHY!?" into their face until they crumble into a quivering heap of shame for what they were involved in.

I realize I'm probably extremely late on the bandwagon for this (I have not looked around, but I'd bet every testicle I own that there IS one. There can't NOT be.) but how could they have let anything like this hit release? Has greed blinded them? Are they feeling so secure in their AAA franchise that they just stopped giving a french toast?

Anyone who's so much as dragged the controller upside down across the floor by tripping on the cable while the game was running knows everything about what I'm talking about, probably, but I can't help but try to at least vent out some of them.

I don't know where to even begin, so let's start at camera, yeah? What the HELL were they on? What happened to the amazing camera every AC game since 2 has had? What happened to the smart panning that kept all relevant enemies in sight and made sure to pan to shooters when you were about to get lead / an arrow / a knife to the face? I'm fine with combat being hard. In fact, I thought the endless counter-kill spam was getting very, very boring ever since the hard-tells were introduced. Combat should be hard on its own merit though, not made worse because the camera was apparently being manipulated by blind, fingerless monkeys on every drug known to mankind. Even trying to get this sluggish, stupid thing to rotate with one hand on the thumbstick at all times instead of the buttons you NEED to be pressing is a hot mess. It's like trying to guide a blindfolded Rosie O'Donnell through a room. It seems to go out of its way to keep the enemy indicators out of view.

Indicators. Yes, indicators. The ones that we've been conditioned in this franchise for several games running. Attack incoming? Look for the red exclamation point. Oh? What's that? ALL ENEMIES WHO SEE YOU PERMANENTLY HAVE THAT BRAIN-ENCODED SYMBOL AS THE DETECTION NOTIFIER? Great, that's not abso-freaking-lutely confusing as heck. I can deal with it though, you just moved the warning to a little bar under the thing. Oh, but when they're SHOOTING it changes to the box? That's okay. Good thing that has a bar too. Wait, no it FREAKING doesn't. Whatever half-arsed filling it's SUPPOSED to be doing means nothing. Sometimes enemies snap-shot you immediately with freaking Hawkeye accuracy through a crowd from fourty feet away and out of frame. Sometimes they wind up, wait for you to roll, THEN fire. Sometimes they'll aim, let you roll, let you panic-roll for the second time, THEN fire. I'm fairly sure I've even been shot mid-roll by one of the FIFTEEN THOUSAND MEMBERS OF THE MOB ARMY ARMED WITH BARRET FREAKING 50 CALIBER SNIPERS who are absolutely freaking everywhere. Assassinate one from cover? Time to MOBILIZE THE FREAKING COMMANDO BATTALION. Instant firing squads and out-of-frame backstabs commence. At least if you hit parry you can try to fend them off while the guards come, yes?

That's the theory, I think. However, the parry system seems to be determined by the alignment of the planets, a roulette wheel, and all the bad karma in your life you've ever accrued. Half the time it does freaking nothing. The other half of the time, it doesn't hit right. Press it during gold? Too bad, get stabbed. Enemies with some random attacks don't have parry indicators? Guess it's AC1 style there, fair enough. I'll just roll STRAIGHT INTO FREAKING MINI-NUKES from all of his friends.

Who thought it was a good idea to have the entire city be able to instantly detect you? Every red-wearing freaking blood in all of Paris knows your damned coat because they're paid by templars. Y'know, like how it worked in Rogue with the thugs paid by Assassins or in every other game where the guard were essentially paid by templars. Wait, NO IT DIDN'T. At least they're bad guys y'know, so you don't feel bad killing them. Too bad the city guard doesn't think so. Assassinate some thugs who literally just stabbed a farmer in public? IT'S FREAKING HITLER, GET HIM. You can tell with your future-sensing Nazi-detection system. That also must be why assassinating the silent, trailing member of a group of baddies immediately lets everybody in a fifty meter radius know somebody's over there stabbing their dudes.

I guess it's only fair, right? Someone collapses down dead, people freak out. This includes the general populace. Ubisoft has a very strong record of being progressive in its games. Crossdressers, black people and women everywhere, diversity out the wazoo. It's so refreshing to see them including FREAKING ******S as an important member of the game, playing literally every person on the street. Fight breaking out? LET'S RUN INTO THE MIDDLE OF IT! Arno's a swell guy, so you can't swing through Dingleberry Le ****** who dive-bombed in front of you while you're trying to spam X, but your enemy sure as hell can. Heck, your enemy can swing at you from ANYWHERE.

Ten feet away? Look what they teach the Templars these days in fencing class - FREAKING PHASE-SHIFTING. I'm pretty sure half of their swings would provoke an attack of opportunity in any D&D game, but they all have the feat of "f*ck the player" and can do whatever they want. Try to do it back? Well, if they happen to be an inch away from you thanks to any given frame of the abysmal hitbox-breaking combat animations, there goes the three-strike chain you literally NEEDED to survive this fight for two seconds more and they're back to parrying.

The combat in this game is so inexcusable, I can't imagine why it hasn't been patched. They're so happy to put the freaking janitor's dog in the credits so make people do some danged work. Fix the camera. Make the citizens teleport away if they get in combat range. Give shooters a periodically realistic expectation of accuracy given their equipment and situations to match the danged realistic chances of surviving a fight outnumbered.

I want to play through this story, but even the completionist in my that has seen me 100% every AC game I've ever played completely can't overpower how painful it is to try and play this game. I'll probably blow through the missions, then contemplate whether I want to bother with Syndicate or proclaim Ubi as dead to me.

TL;DR - Ubisoft must be hiring quality control department, because whoever was supposed to be doing it obviously needs to be fired out of a cannon. That, or the project leaders didn't listen to them and they're going to need to reform the department and take on more staff there anyway. Who do I need to get in touch with to apply, and how many times do I get my name in the credits?

Real TL;DR - Unity's combat is abysmal sub-5$-indie-game-early-access level and I'm physically sickened that this AAA developer can play into the stereotype of companies being too big to fail and ceasing to care about their quality, product, or customers.

[This post edited post-writing but pre-posting for copious language that probably would have seen me banned on my first ever sign-in.]

09-27-2015, 04:35 PM

You're definitely an AC fan... it shows in your passion (which is better than having no passion at all)

100% on all previous games including the tombs in AC2 that almost drove me insane ???...wow I'm embarassed to say I only got close once 99% in Unity and I played over 700 hours in Unity, even the hardcore console guys have such a small percentage of 100%ers. That is a huge achievement.
Firstly I have to say... I've just been to the EGX and after meeting the Ubi team there... if they are representative of the rest of Ubisoft (and they tell me Ubi's commitment runs from Yves Guillemot right down through every employee) then Ubisoft have great staff. I met customer support guys and were blown away by their infectious enthusiasm, Lead staff and CM's who really love what they do.. and everyone is a gamer... not someone in the gaming industry who occasionally plays games... I mean they are gamers first... so they immediately understand if we are happy or angry.... they don't outsource support either which stunned me.... trust me, if there is a Ubisoft Janitors dog.. he's there because he is a gaming dog. :D

Right combat... before Unity launched there were lots of people saying combat is too easy, chain kills by pressing a button, kill a guard and the guard 3 feet away pays no attention, murder someone in the street and nobody runs or gets guards.... Ubisoft listened... and made it more stealth than run in to a group of 50 guys and kill them all (it wasn't realistic for even a trained assassin to kill that many) So the game is designed to make us pick how and when to kill.... it took me a while to adapt, luckily I found lots of great people in co-op who taught me a stealthy approach, the importance of upgrading to the right weapons and skills. I'm at a level where I can probably manage 8 or 10 and use my group health skill to boost my health mid fight but if anyone rings a bell I guarantee I will die quickly unless I use a smoke bomb and escape.

At first I didn't understand why others thought combat was tough but then I bought a controller... I now have HUGE respect for guys with controllers... when I use the keyboard the camera follows me around and mouse movement is natural but on the controller... when I turn sideways, if I don't move the camera stick I cannot see who I'm fighting... to most guys it is second nature... me, I've gamed a long time using a joystick or keys but now I can sympathise with and admire controller combat. If you can use a keyboard and mouse it is easier... although all my mates say I'm a noob ;) it hasn't stopped me from destroying them when we compare stats, my kills, creed points and money have exceeded my 3 nearest friends combined total... so maybe KB and mouse has an advantage in combat.

Unity is awesome... not just to look at... not just how brilliant the sounds are (run over different surfaces especially roof ties), not just because it is HUGE (although Syndicate is even bigger ... gulp) but also because of the new combat system......it threw me but I learned to adapt... use silent kills to pick off lone guards, use hidden or cover kills or the hidden blade... in groups use smoke bombs to stun while you kill. Buy equipment and upgrade it to hold more ammo, bombs, medicine and lockpicks... do the cafe missions to get a good regular income.... if you keep combat against just 1 or 2 guys it is very manageable any more then keep your back against the wall.... Unity is a game where combat is best done wisely rather than heroically.... don't get outnumbered get away. ;) Noise will draw enemies... that can be helpful or unhelpful... it depends on what you want...:D

Groups in the street are to make the game less easy... we can go through or over buildings or we can blend using money pouches or environment blend, hide in cover or haystacks or we can use smoke bombs to attack or escape.... I prefer to berserk one of them and let them fight among themselves...

Also.... welcome to the forums... I hope you stick around... you are a great ac fan and.... for a first time post this was brilliant.

09-27-2015, 04:51 PM
Whoa ...

I'll admit I read all of it until you got annoyed at the combat and then I was lost.:confused:

Syndicate has changed the game around for the better (and worse.)

Hopefully we will never have to endure a AC game like Unity again.

For your sanity, just forget it ever existed. (UBI has already.:rolleyes: Don't expect other AC games to ever reference it ;))

09-30-2015, 08:13 AM
Whoa ...

I'll admit I read all of it until you got annoyed at the combat and then I was lost.:confused:

Syndicate has changed the game around for the better (and worse.)

Hopefully we will never have to endure a AC game like Unity again.

For your sanity, just forget it ever existed. (UBI has already.:rolleyes: Don't expect other AC games to ever reference it ;))

We do have got back counter button so most probably it will be easy