View Full Version : A neutral-good (less emotional) feed-back before the game release

09-26-2015, 07:43 AM
I read what you all wrote on the forums lately and there is a tendency to either be very enthusiastic or very negative (frankly I consider that destructive criticism and complaining never helped). So I felt the need to offer a more neutral - slightly good feed-back (anyway less emotional) with a few days before release.

First of all there is no such thing as bugless game, nor will it include everything from the start. At least this is what I learnt in the past when I tested a Heroes’ clone game for mobile devices for about 5 years (also doing maps and other things - being part of the team gives you liberty). What is important here is: 1. The potential of the game to develop 2. The willingness of the devs to listen and do what they can to make things better.
Taking into consideration the above I would declare satisfied by how the game looks/behaves till now. Because it has enormous potential and it has a lot of features from the beginning (you already know them - complex editor, RMG, the capacity of modding). Modding is facilitating by the devs. What better way to express that they are not rigid and are ok with the game to be diverse and fan oriented. So as Limbic said - it's not the best game (but could be in the future), but it's definitely one of the most complete at release. The only down part is that the game moves slow for my laptop, but it's 4 years old anyway and laptops where never known for good GPU. But it's decent with low specs and it's a motivation for me to buy a new laptop.

Yesterday I also asked for some features that for now won't be implemented (like ranged units being able to choose their attack as melee if you want, not just melee attack if they are blocked, during battles seeing the original number of the unit's stack in order to know when to heal/resurrect, etc.). But they said they will consider them for later. This is the most important. It is well known that now the trend is to release the game earlier and then to add patches. This is because games are more and more more expensive & complex. So you actually need that money to develop the game further. It's like in Heroes. You will fight with non-upgraded units for the money to upgrade then. It's impossible to wait and buy only top tier units to fight. You use what you have. So I understand them, not to mention that there are many good games coming in autumn and they have a small window to get attention.

Another thing that I learnt during developing that game is that you can't satisfy everybody and that there will be always somebody complaining and somebody ecstatic - and this is because it's their nature and this is only a context to express how they are. Also there will always be nostalgics that will say that things were better before and there will always be forever unsatisfied people that will find something to criticize. In the same time the devs are in-between of taking the good things from the previous series and put enough innovative stuff so that the game is not Heroes 3,5 or 6,5 or so on. They can’t put everything. It's like cooking, if you take your preferred first course and the second one, add you preferred desert and drink and put it all in a pot it will be terrible. It’s nice to have different things separate. Merging Heroes 1 + Heroes 3 + Heroes 5 (the ones I consider the best in the series) doesn’t give the success recipe. Also doing another game very similar to Heroes 3 (because this version was the most appreciated by fans), won’t give you automatic success. I like new & different and a few old spices from the past.

So if you have a response/ opinion in this range (emotional moderated) then please add to it. I would prefer not to start flaming and add more criticism (there are other threads for this) and just talk like "wise-men council" (and women also :) )