View Full Version : Anyone have a Digital FLCS/TQS(SWF22) profile for IL2FB?

03-06-2004, 06:26 PM
I was wondering if anyone has a profile that they use for the FLCS/TQS with the Digital Chips they could share? Thanks for the help.

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03-06-2004, 06:26 PM
I was wondering if anyone has a profile that they use for the FLCS/TQS with the Digital Chips they could share? Thanks for the help.

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03-07-2004, 01:48 PM
Bump anyone have one to share?

03-07-2004, 02:15 PM
Schmidtty, I have one that I made a while back that had been hosted at Sturmnovik Technica, but I am not sure if it is still there...

It was originally written for IL-2, but I tweaked a few things for FB and it works charms with views and weapon/engine management in most situations. I recently updated it for the Cougar, but have not found a place to host it yet.

If you cannot find the FLCS/TQS version, PM me with your e-mail addy and I will gladly send it to you! It was originally written in honor of Bill "Cowboy" Wilson and Buzz Hoffman, so I am always glad to share it. Included with the zip file is a readme explaining the button functions and a settings.ini file to aid in the required remapping of some IL-2 keystrokes.


03-07-2004, 02:19 PM
To make sure it is something you want to use, I am posting the readme file that I included with the zip, which should explain the button functions that I chose for this setup:

This file is dedicated to the memory of Bill "Cowboy" Wilson, the indisputed king of TM hotas programming files, the man who showed me what a thrustmaster file should be, and how it should all work. It is also dedicated to the memory of Buzz Hoffman, the father of the modern Combat Joystick, and the reason that I still play games at my age. Thank you both.
Name: myil-2
Type: Thrustmaster program file for the F16-FLCS/TQS combo. Rudders are recommended, too.
Version: 1.0x
Created: Nov 21-23, 2001 -with the aid of Dr. James C. Hallowe's "Fox Two" Software (get it!)

Author: Gordon "Lawndart" Byrn
E-mail: crinoid@qwest.net
Note: if you distribute this file, please do so only with all included documents, and please credit the author where appropriate. This file may not be distributed for profit, but may be distributed freely to aid fellow simmers and Thrustmaster users. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Files included with this release: (lawndart_il2_TQS.zip)
Readme.txt (this file...duh)
Myil-2.b50 (Thrustmaster program file for IL-2 Sturmovik by Oleg Maddox)
myil-2.m50 (Thrustmaser macro file for the same)
settings.ini (required changes to the key layout in IL-2 for all this to work)

1) Extract all files to a temporary directory (chances are you have done that if you are reading this).
2) Create a backup of your "settings.ini" file found in the "/IL2 Sturmovik/Users/yourname" folder. (in case you ever want to go back to your (ugh) old settings)
3) Copy the "settings.ini" included with this file to the above directory. This will overwrite your old key settings, although I have really only changed a few keys and added some that were not mapped in the original game. You could also manually change the keys yourself within IL-2, if you prefer to make the changes yourself. You could also beat your head against the wall endlessly, but I wouldn't recommend that either...
4) Place the "myil-2.b50" and the "myil-2.m50" in your TQS files folder (Usually "/Tqs/Programs/"
5) Download the software to your stick using your preferred loader.
6) Have fun shootin' down the bad guys!!

Description of my programming philosophy for this file: (this may help you get acquainted with my layout)

I have set up this file to be fairly heavy on the view controls, since I feel that situational awareness is #1 in air combat. The major view controls can be controlled with both the FLCS H3 and the TQS hat. There is obvious redundancy, but there are just times when all your fingers are busy on one hand, so it helps to have both available to check your tail. Doing this also allows some key-combos that allow virtually all cockpit views to be easily mapped.
You will find that I have grouped the controls to be in "clusters", with weapons controls mapped to the top of the FLCS (wow, what a concept), and most avionics controls on the TQS Throttle. You would do well to print out the file using Fox Two (available for free on the internet, or you can purchase Fox Two Pro). Using Fox Two, the keys are color-coded for ease of visibility, and they are lined up properly to view easier. Although it initially looks daunting, you will soon learn that all my buttons perfrom related tasks, so it looks more complicated than it really is.

What it all doeshttp://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gifReaders Digest Version)
Throttle (TQS): Makes plane go faster (you should know this...)
T1 (TQS): Returns Player to cockpit view from any other. Also functions as Left Mouse Button.
Hat T2-5 (TQS):
View Control, 8-way
T6 (TQS): War Emergency Power. Also returns Prop Pitch to Auto Control w/S3
T7-8 (TQS): No Mapping. This rocker acts as a mode switch to switch between A/A and A/G related functions of the FLCS. Rocker up (T7) is air, and rocker down (T8) is ground. (remember, air is UP...ground is DOWN. ...This is important for pilots)
T9 (TQS): Activates wheel brakes and airbrakes. Hold to keep active.
T10 (TQS): Landing Gear toggle. Also operates manual gear when S3 is held.
Eraser T11-14 (TQS): No Mapping. You may try to use this as a mouse to pan around, but it is admittedly pretty slow. (but you already knew that)
Ant Knob (TQS): Trim Control. Centering it will reset trim to zero. I advise to make sure this is ceneterd prior to entering the cockpit, for best results.
Rng Knob (TQS): Prop Pitch Control. Using this knob overides the "Auto Pitch" function. To return to "Auto Pitch", Press S3 and T6 (the knob) together.

TG1/TG2 (FLCS): (Have been swapped to allow mapping) On your first press, you get machine guns. If you really want to pummel someone, keep pressing in and the Cannons kick in also, giving you a 1-2 punch. (for those times when machine guns just don't say enough...)
S1 (FLCS): (My busiest button) In A/A mode (rkr UP), it toggles on/off the Gun Pods and will drop your tanks with S3 pressed. In Nav mode (for lack of a better term, "rkr mid"), it opens your radiator and will reset all trim to zero with S3 pressed. In A/G mode (rkr DOWN), it fires your rockets (you don't REALLY use those for shooting planes, do you), and will drop your bombs with S3 pressed.
S2 (FLCS): fires your cannon (without the machine guns as in TG1)
S3 (FLCS): No Mapping. Modal switch used to add switch functions elsewhere...
S4 (FLCS): View selection. When in A/A or A/G mode, it toggles through the three view perspectives (Normal, Wide, Gunsight). In Nav mode, it will toggle through Cockpit, No Cockpit, and No Cockpit/No guages views. Although totally useless, I also mapped the "Instant view forward with padlock" to the Nav mode with S3 pressed, but trying to hit S3 and the S4 paddle together can cause major hand cramps...
Hat 1 (FLCS): Pressed up, it views directly above you, but can also be used with the other hats to get up views from any of them. If pressed down, it does not appear to do anything until you conbine it with the other hats, in which case you get a variety of views ( I mainly use it with the "down" view, which gets me the cockpit instruments). Also note that using the Pressed down before and after other view keys can net you different views..play with it!). Left and right views are over-the-shoulder behind you, unless you press the S3 button, in which case they are 45 degrees to the front on each side.
Hat 2 (FLCS): Trim Control and Flaps (Flaps are really just REALLY big trim tabs anyway). Up and Down just raises and lowers flaps. Left and right trim your rudder. With S3 pressed Up and Down trim your Elevators (same as the Ant Knob, but good for fine-tuning), and Left and Right trim your Ailerons.
Hat 3 (FLCS): View Controls. Can be used for 4 or 8-way panning and snap views.
Hat 4 (FLCS): "The Hat From Hell" (I hate this hat. It was designed for people with 6 fingers...) Mainly used for Padlocking inside and outside. In A/A mode, pressing up (away from you), will padlock enemy planes. Towards you, (Down), it will external padlock enemy planes. Left or right will select next or previous aircraft to padlock. Pressing S3 will do the same as the above views, except with Friendly aircraft. In Nav mode, Pressing away from you (Up) will external padlock closest enemy plane, while toward you (Down) will give you external view of your craft. Left and right gives you next enemy view. In A/G mode, Pressing away from you (Up) gives you Padlock Enemy Ground and towards you (Down), gives you external padlock enemy ground. As before, left and right give you next and previous enemy views, and pressing S3 gives the same views for friendly vehicles. It should be noted that pressing left or right while in A/G or A/A will provide you with Gunsight View (Left) or Snap/Pan toggle (Right).

Whew! Now you are more confused than ever...don't worry, so am I. Just play with the file on your stick and I guarantee your scores should improve. Just remember that most of your aircraft controls are on the TQS (except the trim tabs) and Weapons, Views, and Padlocks are on the FLCS.

--Using the trim wheel and pitch wheel, you CAN outperform the AI. It takes practice, but those two controls are the most important to get to learn. having a properly trimmed craft will aid your A/A and A/G gunnery, as well as allow you more speed when needed most.

--Learn to use the Hat 4 (padlocks). Although it has the most variation of any of my switches, and looks "thrown together", it can also be your best ally if properly learned. I, personally do not use padlock very much at all, but sometimes it is nice to know if that juicy target I am about to impale with my rocket is friendly or not. I actually use the Snap/Pan and Gunsight switches more often, but to aid continuity with A/A and A/G modes, I decided to make those functions as S3 toggles

Known Issues:
--Due to the nature of the Antennae and Range knobs on the TQS, sometimes odd things can happen. If the knob happens to be between two characters, it may not properly release one, resulting in some functions to act as though the "Shift" or "Control" buttons were stuck. Should this happen, make sure to re-center the Antennae wheel so that it can produce a "center" character, and the problem should be solved. It is a rare occurance, but in the heat of battle sometimes the little bugger just doesn't want to let go, so if things are acting screwey...check the Antennae and Range knobs, they are probably the cause.

--Although I used RAW codes for the TG1/TG2 Machine Gun/Cannon mode, occasionally the program or the FLCS will only send or recognize one set of characters, so that only the cannon fires. Should this occur, simply release and press the trigger again and everything should be fine.

--This file has not been tested on Stickworks Digital Upgrade and I have no idea how it will function on that unit. If anyone wants to send me an upgrade, I will gladly install it in one of my sticks and test it for everyone. Since I doubt anyone will do that, please use at your own risk on that unit.

--This file has also not been tested on the F-22 FLCS, so I cannot guarantee that it will work on that either. I see no reason why it should not, but since I don't have one of those either, I cannot say for sure. Donations of displaced and homeless F-22 sticks (yeah, right...) can be sent to the author for future testing on that platform.

Should you have any questions or problems, please feel free to e-mail me.

Now, Good Luck and Check Six!!"


(Hope that helps out!)


03-08-2004, 03:51 PM
Come on guys I know some of you are using the Digital FLCS\TQS.