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09-26-2015, 04:25 AM
I would love to see the addition of horses, both actively involved in combat, and also as means of traveling quickly across large stages. They could probably even adapt the Art of Battle system to determine the outcome of different cavalry vs cavalry and cavalry vs infantry situations to achieve different outcomes besides basic damage such as: getting trampled, getting knocked off the horse, stealing the horse, killing the horse, or taking the horses legs out.

09-26-2015, 05:24 AM
While horse combat could be a great addition, and could vary the combat considerably, I don't think the devs have put much thought into it, and even if they have, I think that they think perfecting the basics of infantry vs infantry combat with their dueling system should take priority for the first game in a potential series, and I would agree with that.

If they try and overcomplicate the combat right out of the gate, with horse combat, and more, infantry vs mounted combat, taking into consideration trampling, dismounts, horse deaths, potential dedicated horse attacks (such as making the horse rear and kick), they risk making a system that could be overwhelming to players.

We also don't know how large the largest maps are, and even if they're moderately larger than the one they've shown, I honestly don't think a mount would be desireable. Chances are, you'd be going too fast, and potentially reach one side from the other in no more than a couple of seconds, effectively creating a warp-gate, affecting a game's balance, and they could get in the way after you've dismounted, unless you had them disappear once dismounted or killed (and conversely, being summoned, essentially, when you needed one again), which gets into immersion, and how most people would complain about it being broken. You'd need a Battlefield-sized map for horses to really be necessary, and for those sorts of secondary issues to not be a factor, and considering they're really pushing 4v4, I doubt very much maps will be anywhere near that large (though, that isn't discounting the possibility for a separate mode for more players, but then that gets into player count issues and how most people around the forums don't feel comfortable with any more than 16 player matches, which is a separate thing entirely).

This has definite sequel potential, though, assuming they can make it work well. I'm hoping they'll seriously expand the combat over time, whether through patches to this game or a follow-up.

10-26-2015, 09:14 PM
I don't think that the map would have to be toooo big to make having horses worth it... Big admission here: I was a hardcore fan of Pandemic's Lord of the Rings: Conquest, the lesser-known but just-as-good sibling of Star Wars Battlefront. That game was unique and amazing and never, ever got the credit or attention that it deserved. Me and the other people who loved that game had epic battles of good vs evil every day and night right up to the minute they finally turned off the servers. When it was gone it left a hole in our hearts which nothing has replaced. I actually started playing Assassin's Creed originally thinking that it might make a good substitute. I wound up really liking Assassin's Creed and played them all but it did not in any way provide the dedicated, melee-based multiplayer game that we had lost. Nothing did. Just a long, dismal line of cookie cutter first person shooters... But then I saw this game and I thought "My god! This could be it! The one we've been waiting for! The one that will finally fill the hole and restore the thrill of battle which has been missing these long sad years!" While I know that this game is it's own thing, and in many ways stands to surpass that other game which I loved, many of my suggestions have been aimed at restoring aspects of that game which made it so great, and giving them new life in this game. And one of those aspects is Horse, my trusty steed. The battles in that game were like mosh pits with swords, and one of the few things that matched the satisfaction of diving into a crowd of orcs and brutally dismantling them with my sword, was playing Capture the Ring, seeing a bunch of trolls and orcs lumbering over to score, riding Horse through the warg stable to fill up my charge meter, and mowing down the whole ugly mob of them before they knew what hit them. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in a video game, and I want it back.
Now I know what your going to say, "This isn't that LOTR game! This is it's own thing and you can't just make it into some other game that nobody liked anyway! Blaargghhh!" I know that. For Honor is it's own thing and is already trying to be unique and set itself apart in a field which has been content for years to just crank out more of the same cuz they know people will buy it anyway. "A shooter with swords." A good idea, but they weren't the first ones to have it. They would be wise to take a good hard look at what came before (go buy a $5 copy of Lord of the Rings: Conquest for PS3), figure out what they did that really worked, and see if they can implement any of it. There is no shame in building on the achievements of those who came before you.
Back to horses. Rearing and kicking is good. It doesn't have to be a huge open stage (Horse knows how to use stairs ��) but balancing for different games modes would make sense (can't carry the flag in ctf on horseback, or have a horses inclusive version of ctf). I don't think they would need to be summoned or dismissed. Just having them available in certain areas, hanging out in a stable to jump on and use if you wanted to would work fine. I never minded having them hang out once you got off (you could sometimes use then for cover, though it was a little bogus...). It let you keep the option if getting back on again (or for someone else to steal them), but if it seemed like they were getting in the way then they could either be programmed to die and disappear after a certain period of time, or to wander back where they came from. Here comes the Cavalry!!! �� �� �� ��

10-26-2015, 09:19 PM
I feel like if there was some sort of tournament jousting mode that would be cool.

10-26-2015, 09:35 PM
It would. :) It might have to be just a knight exclusive thing, but if it's it's own mode who cares! They could probably come up with samurai and viking exclusive modes too if they wanted.

10-27-2015, 12:17 PM
I agree with MisterWillow.

It might be a nice thing. Beeing able to cover hughe distances on horseback would not only enable some cool "chaaaaaarge"-situations but also allow bigger maps. That would make the whole thing more dramatic, enable more players etc. . Yet lets not forget that the core is an deep combat dueling mode whiich works best in 1v1 situations and bigger maps also need more players
Having 20 guys slashing around with their swords wont work and make the art of battle-mechanics pretty useless IMO.

I could imagine that it would work in special game modes, and fighting from horseback against infantery COULD work, but first we need a stable and solid foundation. Would be cool in future versions (addons).