View Full Version : Xbox 360 Mines

09-25-2015, 09:58 PM
What is it with the mines. When I'm free roaming I like to plant mines on the roads for the pirates to drive on and blow up until they have their balls hanging out of their eye sockets. Anyway, ages ago they drove on them a lot and now hardly anyone drives on a mine. Nearly every time I pick the mine up to find another location the pirates start driving down the road and I get loads where I hardly get a chance to loot them for ages. Then when I have a chance to plant a mine even in another area nobody comes again. Then when I pick up the mine they drive down the road again. This happens a lot. Another thing that annoys me is when the animals always walk on the mines and blow themselves up. Out of all the parts of the road I have a mine on they always walk on my mine and waste one. Then when I plant another mine, another animal walks on it, some times seconds later.