View Full Version : Upgrade Far Cry 3 COOP mode, or let it DIE!!??

09-24-2015, 07:20 PM
Hello to all, I thing the good games must live for a long time that can be played a while. Just like others game-makers do, with games like Counter-Strike, Arma, Metal Gear, or many others, our Far Cry 3 was a very nice game open world actions on beautiful environments and animals interactions. I play many COOP mode games at last ten years, but no one was as funny and great playing than Far Cry 3!!... But now it will accomplish 3 long years. What will happen with it???...
I have some ideas and invited to anyone to add his talent too for still alive this game, or a minimum the part of it, the great COOP game story, for make for it new maps and story's, as a DLC's but with a new visions of things, like animals interactions and the AI more effective and adaptable with many types of guns and skills like we have too, not only with AK guns. So that's all folks and hope to still play with you on COOP Far Cry 3, more than 3 years more, hehehehe!!!... ;)