View Full Version : Sniper rifle zooming problem

09-24-2015, 01:31 PM
Im going to post this on Steam forums and also on Ubi's ZOMBI forum.
If you ever remap your controls as many people do, this game does not work with the Right Mouse being rebound while trying to use the sniper rifle.
In every other sense right mouse being rebound works fine, until you try to zoom the sniper later in the game. If the Aim button is set to anything other than default (Right Mouse) then using Aim + Scope to zoom the sniper will create an error where the scope animation attempts to come up on the screen but doesnt, instead the weapon in your hand disappears and continues to do so even when switching through other weapons. Its kind of funny, scrolling to a Molotov will have your empty hand and no molotov bottle, but the flame coming from the molotov's top will be there burning.

Anyway the short version is, the developers didnt make sure the sniper Scope button would work with any other key bindings than Right Mouse for aiming. Thats all which needs fixing. Are they going to do any patches for this game? I think I will hold off playing for a few weeks or months just in hopes they do release a patch for this still. Its pretty bad if I cant use the sniper, Im sure it will be important to use later in the game.