View Full Version : brutally honest feedback about my favorite franchises

09-22-2015, 08:25 PM
I have been a big fan of the tom clancy games since I was about 6 years old, that might seem very young (and it is) but the games gave me something that close to no other games has given me, true stealth and tactical experinces. But lets be honest, most of the tom clancy franchises has dropped its level of quality alot. Of course the animations,textures and cinematics has become better, but thats not what its about.

Lets start with my favorite franchise, SPLINTER CELL
Splinter cell pandora tomorrow was the game that fall in love with the stealth genre. It had atmoshpere, it was exciting and it was a true stealth game, chaos theory was even way better, double agent had alot of bugs and some slightly broken mechanics, but it was still a ejoyable splinter cell game. Then it started to go south, someone decided that they were going to change the franchise in its core to make it more of an action game. Now conviction wasn't a terrible game, it was definetly enjoyable but it wasn't a splinter cell game anymore. Now I understand why they did it, they wanted to reach out to a wider audience wich is understandable for these big budget games. But if you change what made the franchise so special why are the consumer going to prefer your product over the numerous others like it that are like it. In the end you might get more sales but way less hardcore fans and in the end the franchise will fall into obscurity.

It is a similiar case with GHOST RECON. The older ones were unique during its time and there wasn't alot of similar games out there. The advanced warfighter games were decent, but way to restrictive in terms of what you could do, there was ONE way to finsih the mission, that doesn't ecourage alot of tactical thinking now does it? Then there was future soldier. The horrific want-to-be Call Of Duty game that was so underwhelming that I had a hard time getting myself to finish the whole thing. I am causiostly excited about the new Ghost Recon since they haven't realesed that much gameplay information yet.

RAINBOW SIX is another initially great franchise with raven shield being, very outdated now, but undoubtedly the best one in the series. After that they weren't very tactical anymore. In vegas 1 and 2 you were mostly gunning your way through hallways more worried about unlocking a new weapon than thinking about tactics. Siege is coming out soon and I am not too excited because there are many other games that seem to offer a similar experience. The hostage rescue game mode in multiplayer is a great idea though and could end up better than i expected.

The big premmise that I am apinting here is that you cant try to make the same games as everybody else. I get it that alot of people want to make their own versions of Battlefield and that the evolution of the franchise is causing big companies, like ubisoft, to "play the safe card", to try to appease a much wider audience to cover the costs that it takes to make one of these AAA games. But the truth is you can't compete with these massive already established franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Splinter cell and Ghost Recon used to be well established but when they are trying to change what the game is about and it in a way disestablishes the franchise.

Currently I have been alot more interested in Metal Gear Solid 5 than any other title. It is quite different from the other metal gear solid games in some ways. Personally I like these changes not only because it enhances the stealth excperience rather than making it secondary, but also because it is still different from other games out there.
So i'm sorry to say Ubisoft, unless you are going to go back to what made these franchises so great without comprimising so much, you have lost a fan :(