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09-19-2015, 11:45 PM
Ubisoft: Thank-you for inviting us to give feedback and suggestions.

I absolutely love the Assassin Creed series.

Short background: I started playing video games in 1993 when a friend introduced me to Privateer. My next favorite was Freelancer which was a milestone in gaming introducing a huge universe to explore. Later, I discovered the Ghost Recon series which also had long game play and an excellent 3D world.

For me, what I have enjoyed about the Assassin Creed Series is the huge world that Ubisoft gives me to explore. And the detail! Wow. In particular, I was thoroughly blown away with Frontier in AC III! It was better than going camping! I spent many hours just riding my horse and enjoying the world you created for me to explore. Additionally, this world is largely interactive. What I see I can touch. In the cities, I can climb nearly any visible building (AC III – Unity). The attention to detail is stunning. I doubt very many people took the time to appreciate all the detail and nuances that went into AC Unity.

In terms of fight play, I have enjoyed AC III the best so far. The in-game cinematics and slo-mo are fantastic! The game engine that allows Conner to fight with different weapons is amazing. What I did NOT like about Unity is I had to pay to upgrade Arno’s skills/ ability what came naturally for Conner. Specifically, I had to pay to teach Arno that it was ok to kill his opponent lying on the ground or that it was ok to jump off a roof and kill a bad guy right below him. Speaking of Unity, I was ok with the Co-op idea BUT, trying to get together with friends was difficult. I still use a PC. Most of my gaming friends use gaming rigs. And for what-ever reason getting players together using different gaming platforms isn’t available.

Open-ended and Free play. What I liked about AC III, IV & Unity was when I was not following the plot, I could go out and practice kicking a** or earn some money to upgrade my equipment (and skills – Unity). And then after the Main plot had been solved, I was free to go back and kick some more butt. Just today, I was playing AC III again! :D

Unity complaint: I noticed my character quite often “stuck” to something I did not want him to. Difficult to shake off. Example, when Arno would get on a circular object, he would run around in circles instead of getting off where I wanted him to. Additionally, I found it frustrating to make my way through all of those 5,000+ citizens! Holy mackerel!

AC IV Improvement: I enjoyed the ship battles better in IV over III. You improved the indicator/ shadow showing where my cannon shots would go.

Lastly: One of the things I miss is add-on modules. You’ve already got a great game. So instead of us having to wait 2 or 3 years for the next installment, it would be nice if add-ons were available in-between releases. This extends game play (and life) of a game Ubisoft spent a lot of time (and $) to develop and allows the gamer to get a few more hours of enjoyment of his/her favorite game!

Thanks for making a great game Ubisoft!

Remember: you can please some of the people all of the time and you can please all of the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time!

12-26-2017, 08:38 PM
I can not believe that I am playing an assassins creed game while I play this, Iíve given this game a LOT of time to grow on me but... nothing. This is possibly the most discraseful game I have ever played. It is like a very cheap and horrible rip off of far cry. Curiously youíve removed what the series was, stealth and planning. Go in, try to swing your sword bush bash bosh. Seriously, every side/main quest or any live animal on the map requires you to be level 40 to put a dent in it which means that it literally says Ďyou know what, naa weíll make the game, absoluteley unplayable. I like games where there isnít skill based matchmaking, it is an essential quality. Such as fallout 4. On this game you can go find a deathclaw at level 1 and get ripped to places by it, but what youíve put some time into the game, got some equipment and useful skills you can see how much youíve improved and kill it. This is not that, it is UNPLAYABLE, I was reduced to easy and still got slaughtered by a goat... please please go back to your origins, when you add well everything this game is or ship fights you ruin your series. The skills are so pathetic in this game too, thereís no aiming to get further along the skill tree. I want to say something good so wow what a beautiful game graphics wise, but even that is ruined by the fact that you donít have to explore, horse take me there or Ďoh theres a 100m cliff face, I ainít gonna find a way round it, oh no Iíll just run up it bc the guy has suckersuction gloves to just climb smooth vertical walls........... SERIOUSLY IM OUTRAGED, I BOUGHT THE DELUX VERSION!!!!!!