View Full Version : Can I just get...

09-19-2015, 06:47 AM
the copy of HoMM3 that I got with my pre-order already? I've waited long enough and paid enough money to get no product. I understand you don't want to release 7 until it's up to par (which the beta has shown it's not), but in the mean time let me get 3 to bide my time. Why wait to give me both at once? Why would I want to play 3 when 7 just gets released? Making me wait is bass ackwards..

09-19-2015, 10:13 PM
Try to give them some more money, maybe it will help speed up things .. not so sure though ...

09-22-2015, 09:08 AM
My personal advice would be: don't pre-order anything, ever, and especially not if from Ubisoft lol

09-23-2015, 01:13 AM
that's terrible advice, no offence.

I am going to give Ubi the benefit of the doubt on this one. Few days left now anyway, they made a commitment in regards to the release date so they can't back down now. Let's see what we get on release date.

Giving Ubi the benefit of the doubt is a stretch. However, it is perfectly reasonable to give Limbic that benefit.