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09-19-2015, 01:37 AM

I am Killcrit, community admin of DG. I am having a ton of fun here in DG and invite you to come join us at beta launch to enjoy the upcoming competitive team game. First of all, Thankyou for taking the time out to see what Divergent Gaming is and what it can offer you.

1. Divergent Gaming is a E-sports gaming community, (currently heavy in Heroes of the Storm, but expanding) and is more than a "guild" or "clan". We play both competitively and casually. Whatever way you like to game, we can help you make the most of it.

2. DG is built by experienced players who understand the frustrations of matchmaking, particularly with solo queuing... We just don't have this problem anymore internally. If you are sick of the solo queuing, and a poor gaming experience, are looking to play at a more engaging level of play (even competitive), than DG is your solution. We currently have over 360+ members. I will personally be stepping up the numbers for RB6:Siege, as Ubisoft seems somewhat serious about taking this game to the E-sports scene.

3. DG has a strong admin staff, as well as the most experienced player base. We have a commitment to go above and beyond normal needs to ensure the community is having fun. We have the typical, forums, and information channels setup, but we also grow our social community. A large TS3, twitch streams, instructors, captains, and coaches to support the players. We play and practice among our member base at ALL levels of skill.

4. DG is open to the public. You can bring your entire team if you care into DG, once again, we are a community, not a clan, we work to support team play even on the pro level... In house tournaments, scrims, custom games for testing are in our focus. We have instructors to improve your hero play and knowledge, we have coaches that aide the teams, analyzers that can aide video.

5. All members have the opportunity to rise in their positions and lead the community. Feel like being an instructor, or a coach of a team, then step up and we will give you the opportunity to shine. Run your own team, decide your practice hours, call in meetings, its your team, you control it...

Again, Thank-you for taking the time to read our pledge, if you are up for some great times ahead, I think DG would be a choice you will not regret... Whether you just want to QM with some friends regularly, or tryout with one of our top ranked teams. Just hop on our TS3 for a free look around and have a game with our current members.

1. Use Teamspeak 3
2. Agree to our simple code of conduct
3. Age 16+

Our TS3
Our Website

Please reply to this thread & contact (Please mention RB6, as all admins are not yet trained for the not yet released game :D and you will catch them off guard. Hit me up first :D



Looking forward to shooting it up with you on the 24th.