View Full Version : Still a few problems with the September Update

09-18-2015, 04:03 PM
1. In the games list it no longer shows which edition of Splinter Cell Blacklist you are using. If you bought the Deluxe Edition it doesn't say so anymore. You can also not find this in the DLC section of the game page because there is no DLC section in the game page for this particular game.

2. When activating a key it no longer shows which product you're going to activate. Therefore you have no way of knowing whether you got the wrong key from the seller before activation. After you can check what's been activated (but also see point 1, which edition?) the key has already been already activated which is irreversible or a real pain as you'd have to contact Ubisoft. Also see point 1 (can't check if key for Deluxe Edition or not).

3. The games list/grid is unnecessarily big with a lot of whitespace. This means unnecessary scrolling and not much of a total overview of games.

4. You can no longer check the activated key(s) of some games for which you previously could check them. E.g. for Far Cry 2 the key shows on the game page but for Far Cry 3 no keys are shown. This is a problem e.g. if you have multiple keys for the same game you can't check which keys you have used on your account already.

5. For some games Uplay shows an annoying pop-up on game start-up with an ad. (I know this is intentional, it's mentioned in the release notes.) Please, no extra unnecessary clicks for annoying ads. Also, paying customers are using Uplay to play the game they paid for. Don't bother me with pop-ups for ads. Or at least give me an option to avoid these pop-ups that you have to click away to do anything else in Uplay.