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09-17-2015, 05:06 PM
The legendary Might & Magic Heroes franchise returns, more complete than ever. Let us guide you through the massive content Might & Magic Heroes VII has to offer, from playable factions to the various game modes.

Might & Magic Heroes VII will be available on September 29th on PC.

Pre-order the game now and get exclusive in-game content.


More information- https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/blog/post/view/dive-into-a-mmh7-journey

10-26-2015, 08:55 AM
"The legendary Might & Magic Heroes franchise returns, more complete than ever. "

Yeah right please remove this line as it is false advertising.....

10-26-2015, 06:46 PM
"the legendary might & magic heroes franchise returns, more complete than ever. "

yeah right please remove this line as it is false advertising.....


10-27-2015, 03:21 PM
And still, they did not even edit this thread, to remove that message that really sounds like they are mocking themselves... :D

10-28-2015, 09:02 AM
So you still think "the game is more complete than ever"? :D

10-29-2015, 10:15 AM
So you guys really don't see a problem with leaving that statement as a sticky? Impressive.... I would have deleted that thread long ago, ashamed as hell for even posting it...

10-30-2015, 10:50 AM
Well, it has been a month now, and the game is not working at all. Still, there was no official announcement with apologies to your customers, for releasing the game in such a state... Contrary, you still tell us, it is the "most complete" game in the series... I have no idea, how game industry could end up like this, but I really hope that word about your lack of ethics will spread after this game...

11-04-2015, 06:28 PM
And you are still keeping this thread? "most complete", but even patch 1.4 will only be a first improvement to maybe start making multiplayer last 10 min instead of 1?

11-06-2015, 12:50 PM
Well, patch 1.4... still no multiplayer mode... still so far from being on a stable version... How can you still claim having released a "complete" game?

11-06-2015, 06:36 PM
can I curse in this forum?

this guys deserve a major F you

11-07-2015, 08:07 PM
Hello everyone! I consider myself a fan of the game series Might & Magic Heroes (collected the whole collection license since 1+ additions)
**********I'll start with the pros, but not many)))
Tactical battle became more interesting: 1) there were corners strokes (flank, front, rear) and 2) decreased and boost the morale of the troops of the death - that's it, the pros end.
**********Now we can move to the downside there are many more (((
The last couple of years, developers scare me with their failures, especially their failed part 7! I tried to close my eyes - on the graph not value proportion (sound card even when full, the units are too big and not enough of them placed on the map), on the mess in the city! I could not close my eyes and did not remain indifferent to the failure (an understatement) with the races and units! What is this strange changes units - why? Developers want to return to life three characters - as a result all messed up!
Developers, start reading at least the official forums and start to listen to serious fans! You are repeating failed 4 characters - think about it! Not to release a supplement, do not waste time - start from scratch to produce 8 part (take the basis of 3 or 5 parts, is not wise to races and units) Even with a good advertisement - I doubt that success could be achieved - as even at this stage a lot of unhappy (a lot of people still play a part in the 3 and 5 part - let themselves additions and create online games)!

I hope the following WISHES TO DEVELOPERS reach the addressee and will not go unnoticed, at least 8 of the establishment, if she certainly will))):
1) Large scale maps literate;
2) Good graphics - in the court of the new century forget 2 D)))
3) in the form of rollers Screensavers high quality after each mission (the younger users were also interested) - the court of the new century forget wallpaper on the game engine)))
4) most importantly do not experiment with races - they are ideal in 3 parts, Dwarves only add or take part on 5 FOR THE ALTERNATIVE Prorolling and add Swamp RACE! elements is not necessary, they are neutral - an ideal option;
5) Races and units - DEVELOPER - who forgot the foundation of success, do not touch the classics:

The names may be different, but the location of the unit must not be changed (classic)
Three improvements - a new era !!!

People (Empire):
1 militias> spearmen> halberdier - (1 cell)
2 archers> arbaletchiki> imperial arrows (crossbowmen) - (1 cell)
3 swordsmen> city guard> Imperial Guard - (1 cell)
4 Gryphon> Gryphon Royal> Imperial Griffin - (4 cells)
5 novice> Chaplain> Archbishop - (1 cell)
6 cavalry> Knight> Paladin - (4 cells)
7 Angels> Seraphim> archangels - (4 cells)

Demons (Inferno):
1 Imp> Familiar> Vermin - (1 cell)
2 Demons> fiery demons> Demons seniors - (1 cell)
3 hellhounds> fiery hounds> Cerberus - (1 cell)
4 succubi> demonessy> temptress - (1 cell)
5 hellish stallions> Nightmares> horses underworld - (4 cells)
6 cave demons> cave offspring> Pit Lords - (4 cells)
7 Devils> Arhidemona> archdevil - (4 cells)

Undead (Necropolis):
1 Skeletons> Bone Warrior> skeleton archers - (1 cell)
2 Zombie> rotting Zombie> Zombie plague - (1 cell)
3 cast> Ghosts> perfume - (1 cell)
4 Vampires> Higher Vampire> Vampire Princes - (1 cell)
5 lychee> higher lychee> arhilichi - (4 cells)
6 slay> banshee> Deathspeaker - (4 cells)
7 Bone Dragons> Ghost Dragon> Dragons Astral - (4 cells)

Magee (Academy):
1 gremlins> senior gremlins> gremlins pests - (1 cell)
2 gargoyles> onyx gargoyles> natural gargoyles - (1 cell)
3 clay golem> stone> obsidian golem - (1 cell)
4 magicians> battlemages> archmages - (1 cell)
5 gins> viziers Genie> Genie Sultans - (4 cells)
6 Princess Rakshasa> Rakshasa Raja> Kshatriya Rakshasa - (4 cells)
7 Spikes> Titans> Thunderbolts - (4 cells)

Gnomes (Mountain Clans):
1 Warriors> Mountain Guard> defenders Mountains - (1 cell)
2 spear throwers> wizard spears> harpooner - (1 cell)
3 riders to bear> bear owners> North riders - (4 cells)
4 Kostolomov> berserkers> Arcata warriors - (1 cell)
5 priests runes> priests flame> priests Arcata - (1 cell)
6 Tana> earls> earls - (4 cells)
7 fire lizards (wolf ragnarok 1)> lava lizards (wolf ragnarok 2)> lizards Arcata (wolf ragnarok 3) - (4 cells)

Orcs (rebellious tribes):
1 Goblin> Goblin kamnemetatel> Goblin pimple - (1 cell)
2 riders at Wolves> Raiders> riders Varg - (4 cells)
3 Shamani> daughter lands> the daughter of the sky - (1 cell)
4 orcs> ogres> cannibals - (1 cell)
5 Eagles> ROC> thunder bird - (4 cells)
6 Cyclops> wild Cyclops> Cyclops King - (4 cells)
7 monster> monster ancient> ancient evil - (4 cells)

Bog (Topi, Ancient (reptiles and naked, snakes)):
1 snake (dragonfly)> Dragonfly> snakes (dragonfly) -monarh - (1 cell)
2 Lizard> Lizard Archer> lizard shooter - (1 cell)
3 basilisk> great basilisk> ancient basilisk - (1 cell)
4 Medusa> Medusa 2> Medusa 3 - (4 cells)
5 naked> Prince Naga> Naga King - (4 cells)
6 Wyverns> poisonous Wyvern> Wyvern Monarch - (4 cells)
7 hydra> hydra swamp> hydra from the abyss - (4 cells)

Elves (Forest Alliance)
1 centaurs> fighting centaurs> Veterans centaurs - (4 cells)
2 master blades> dancing with swords> Dances with death - (1 cell)
3 elf archer> Forest arrow> Master Onion - (1 cell)
4 druid> druid> Druid - (1 cell)
5 Unicorns> Unicorns Battle> bright unicorns - (4 cells)
6 Ents> Wild Ents> Ancient Ents - (4 cells)
7 Green Dragon> Emerald Dragon> Crystal Dragon - (4 cells)

The dark elves (Dungeon, a dungeon)
1 scouts> trapping> Assassins - (1 cell)
2 Best (harpies)> shrew (harpies 2)> Fury (harpy 3) - (1 cell)
3 Minotaurs> minotaur guards> minatavry supervisors - (1 cell)
4 riders on pangolins> nimble riders> Dark Rider - (4 cells)
5 Manticore (optional)> Manticore-manarh (optional)> skorpikora (required) - (4 cells)
6 gloomy witches (or contemplatives)> Mistress shadow (or contemplatives 2)> mistress of the night (or contemplatives 3) - (1 cell)
7 Shadow Dragon> Red Dragon> Black Dragon - (4 cells)

Pairing (optional race to vote)
1 fairies> nymph> Dryads
2 air> Storm> Storm
3* water> 2> icy
4 fire> electric> 3
5 earth> stone> magma
6 Mind> mental> magic
7 fiery bird> Phoenix> start

Once again, I hope that this review will not be ignored! Waiting for comments positive or negative.
Developers - good luck! Regards, Mikhail

Communication: Russia
*email address removed, due to security*

11-09-2015, 09:18 AM
Still no working multiplayer what a joke.

A game cant be more complete than ever with no working multiplayer.

Out of sync!