View Full Version : Love the new Uplay design. But it feels incomplete. So here's how to fix that!

09-17-2015, 12:33 PM
1. Make the color theme use the same colors that windows 10 use as accent colors which adapts to the selected desktop background.
If it's possible to have windows set the color scheme of Uplay that is. I believe that would be a very fitting since the new look of Uplay
match the windows10 UI pretty well already. So why not take it that little step further by using the same colors? :D

2. Within the "Games" tab, the two list views "Tiles" and "List" would be nice if they could be scaled manually and/or adapt to window size. Also the space between them in the Tiles view are a little too wide i think. It may look better in 4k I don't know but i belive it's worth having the options available In the same way it is in Steam and Origin with that slider.

3. In the "List" view, There is enough space left to the right of the game titles to add a banner/link that could be used to notify about updates, DLC´s and maintenace. You have your news page for such things already sure, but you could also add some game specific news/info/status to each game in the list view this way. So make use of the empty space you got there.

If you decide to do so, perhaps you could get rid of the "Tiles view" link in the menu and add it as a button for optional display modes in the "List" view like Steam and Origin. It may be less unique, but it's best done that way.

If you planned on using this exact same Uplay version for windows 10 on the Xbox One later i can see why you would want the different views as links like it currently is since it's easier to navigate with a game pad that way. But in that case, have that auto-adapt when switching between Desktop and Tablet-mode.

4. When you are in the page for a selected game, i noticed you no longer have a background image for the game which is nice. But! Add such a background image slightly faded in the box that currently show "actions, rewards and progress". I believe that to be fitting and look great too.

5. Here's also some ideas about the "Friends" window. It's resizable and you can move it around which is nice of course. But what if it could remember its last position after you close and re-open it, or default as snapped to the right of the screen similar to the Facebook contacts window. And open chat boxes positioned side by side also like Facebook does it. And to work the same way in the in-game Overlay.

Why i believe this to be a good option is that it is something that people are used too. It will always remain organized and leave plenty of room for other content to be displayed at the same time. If you decide not to do this, At least have the "Friends" window default to a less wide view when snapped to the side of the screen or put the chat windows inside it.

Another thing i noticed about the "Friends" window is that you can no longer see which games your friends played last and when. This could be added to the list of friends who are currently offline.

6. Lock the position of the navigation panel in the Uplay Shop.

Ok! Thats about all the ideas i have that i believe is only logical to implement. And I can not see how any of these suggestions would do anything but improve the Uplay experience. So how about it?

09-18-2015, 08:13 PM
I absolutely agree with point 5. I would rather have the friends and chat windows just as part of the main window, like it used to be until not so long ago.