View Full Version : Another two years and UPLAY store still non functioning from NZ

09-17-2015, 10:35 AM
New Uplay client - Great !

Lets try to buy something from the shop - maybe the Tom Clancy Sale ....
Whoops no - redirected immediately with message box "we have redirected you to the store page for your country". This seems familiar - oh yes I tried to get you to fix it nearly 2 years ago .....

Suport ticket raised with UBI on 1/11/2013

[Uplay Shop] Purchasing Question [Ubisoft Support Ticket: 00803975]

I keep trying to buy promos from your site and every single time I click on your current promotion (e.g. right now the halloween sale) it does not take me to any sale and instead just dumps me back at the homepage saying "we have redirected you to the store page for your country".

It even does this from inside the Uplay client.

Right now Ubisoft seems to require that their customers use other services to buy their games - why even have your own service?

I am in New Zealand. I would be very happy to buy some of the promotions that you have been running from you but instead I either have to buy your games from Steam or from external sites like GetGames or Gamersgate or Greenman Gaming."

And in answer to the ticket response that was sent back then this has nothing to do with cookies in my browser. It does it in the UPLAY client. It does it from completely different PCs....

09-25-2015, 12:52 AM