View Full Version : Where do we go to make a game parody?

09-14-2015, 12:27 AM
So I recently got Assassin's Creed IV cause I have Xbox Live Gold, and it was free. I really like the game (except for swearing), and I want to know who to talk to about making a parody of it. Kind of a minecraft style parody of it. There is an existing engine fully capable of it. Who would I talk to about making a parody or spin-off?

09-17-2015, 05:34 PM
seriously, no one?

09-17-2015, 11:12 PM
Sorry, Hi and welcome to the forums... I did read your first post but I'm not quite sure what you mean ?
Are you asking for access to code and an engine to make a funny homage ?

are you talking about making a game like lego type games...?

Most of us wouldn't know... we're just gamers like you... :D most of our threads are about game requirements and how stunning the games are...

If you're asking permission to make a game using the name Assassin's creed black flag and characters then I guess you need to talk to a legal team so you do not infringe copyrights. But you'd be better off going directly to Ubisoft rather than posting here... You'll get a direct line of communication with some great people who can help you. If you still prefer an indirect route then Ubi have good teams on facebook and twitter.

Hope that helps

09-20-2015, 03:33 AM
It won't use any part of the name. And it won't be in lego. I will get not just my message removed but banned from there forums if I even suggest it once. They don't like violent video games (but ironically, the lego characters fall apart when they die). It just uses parkour, assassin weapons (won't use same name) and kinda an Assassin's Creed environment (not any place real, this is all made up). Besides, the game will use more daggers and Katanas than pop out blades and cutlasses/sabers. But they use a similar system character system, but instead of Assassins and Templars, they are Ninjas and Masters. Masters (as the name implies) think they rule the world and successfully take over the most powerful empire in minecraft (talking to minecraft now, and the setting is about 500 after beta or close to the fall of Rome (AB)). The Ninjas are an organization of secrecy and order, and plan to stop the Masters from taking over the world. In this game, there is an Empire (Calvainian Empire) that has the world's greatest army, navy, and (strange for it's time) air force (composed of ancient gliders). About 520 AB, the empire is infiltrated, and a rogue navy force goes to an Island nation about 30,000 miles away (minecraft is either 7, 70, or 7000 times the size of earth). One of the boats are attacked by the Ninjas, and then later, a soldier learns that there were terrorists (the Masters) imposing as the Admiral and in Calva city, where they brought down the Executive Council and placed the first emperor in 200 years in power. Then he commits treason against the empire, and infiltrates the Masters, then gives the information about them to the Ninjas. He then discover's that the Calvainians are making guns and experimenting with them. That's the storyline as of right now.

09-20-2015, 12:59 PM
Well your game idea sounds brilliant... and the story really sets the background for the gameplay... I would suggest you go to Ubi directly and I will send you a personal message that may help get you started.