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09-11-2015, 09:36 AM
After playing the Beta 2 and seeing that the game starts on my minimal configuration I decided to preorder it (from website) to get the bonuses but I don't know yet what version.
I want a digital version, but the 2 versions have different preordering bonuses. I already have the the Heroes 3 HD edition and I'm not interested into H7 Soundtracks or in the Collector's edition.

1. So the discussion comes - what is more useful 4 portraits + 4 Artifacts (bonus from Standard Edition) or new hero Solmyr + 1 extra map (Digital Edition bonuses)?
Also on the shop page it's not very clear from the text what are preorder bonuses and what are the Digital Edition Bonuses that you'll get even if not preordering. it is said "Preorder HeroesŪ VII for exclusive in-game bonuses." but after that they are talking about the Deluxe Edition contains are those the preordering bonuses or the Deluxe version bonuses?
It's not clear if the 4 portraits + 4 Artifacts are missing only from the preorderign bonuses of the Digital Deluxe version (all other 3 versions have this) or they are there.

2. For devs or anyone that knows: how will actually work the 4 exclusive Artifacts - will you get them from the beginning and will be able to choose to start with them? Will they be only for campaigns? Or you have them in the pool and you have a chance to get them where random artifacts are places on the maps?

3. Where will you be able to use the new portraits?

4. Will you be able to purchase these preordering bonuses later or get them fulfilling special achievements? (I remember that for Heroes 6 you had the opportunity later on to get the preordering bonuses)

5. What did you preorder and what was the reason to choose that Edition?

I would have liked a digital version of the game that would include all the digital bonuses (so a Digital Collector's Edition but without the physical things - the statue f.e. All other things like the artbook, cards etc. could have been in digital format)

10X & sorry if this had already been answered. I didn't read all the forums

Later Edit: it seems that accessing Uplay/Heroes VII section, I found out that the Digital Edition contains all the Standard Edition's preordering bonuses (Artifacts + portraits) and more as you can see bellow from the screenshot.

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r283/victorash82/H7_Editions_Bonuses.jpg (http://s147.photobucket.com/user/victorash82/media/H7_Editions_Bonuses.jpg.html)

But I still didn't find out how more details about how we'll use the artifacts/portraits so Q 2 & 3 still remain

09-11-2015, 10:12 AM
I thought of dynasty weapons, but from what I observed it's not an option here. And this is good because Dynasty Weapons ruined the Heroes 6 experience for me as I couldn't stop to upgrade them and use them and I became too powerful too early in campaigns, not having a challenge I became bored and went back to Heroes 3/5 playing
Yes, having one more map maybe won't make such a big difference as it seems there will be many of them and Solmyr you'll probably use with only one faction (probably Academy from his looks) and we don't even know what his abilities are...

09-15-2015, 10:00 PM
@Griffildur: it seems that the Deluxe Edition has also the 4 portraits + artifacts preordering bonus. Read the later edit part from the main post

09-15-2015, 10:07 PM
Uhm i just think the artifacts will be in the game randomly. Just like any normal artifact. I don't know how it will work for multiplayer. Maybe they will be not available in multiplayer.

09-16-2015, 04:12 PM
"4. (I remember that for Heroes 6 you had the opportunity later on to get the preordering bonuses)"

How? :O

09-16-2015, 07:55 PM
Well actually i would like to see those items we had in MMX:L that got experience point and leveled up and get better stats + (sometimes) some abilities. Yeah we had them with the dynasty weapons, but those could be too strong and tge AI couldn't use them. But if they were seen as any other artifact that an AI hero also could equip, then it would be better i think.

09-17-2015, 08:33 AM
@Marblethrone (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/1772035-Marblethrone) : Well the Heroes 6 Complete Edition had everything - read here - http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/749187-The-Heroes-VI-Complete-Edition-What-exactly-is-part-of-it-Forums
So probably at some point at the end of Heroes 7 time there will be a Complete edition with everything.

About the artifacts we either wait a few more days till the the release and find out or maybe they will give extra info on the blog as they did with that Solmyr hero. What I would do is to make them appear randomly on the map, but there are maps that have the artifacts fixed and in this case you lose the opportunity of having them. I would leave them also in the multyplayer game in the one that hosts the game has this bonus. if the one that hosts the game doesn't have the artifacts, but the joined player does, then the map won't have the artifacts.
Now there is another aspect. Probably these 4 artifacts are not overpowered like the Dynasty Weapons that could change the course of game. They would probably be in normal parameters so won't influence the game balance too much.

09-17-2015, 04:22 PM
Good to know that all items are in the digital deluxe, However it seems that I am not able to pre-order at all, I always get redirected to a white page through the shop and in Uplay you get redirected to steam. (and i don't want to buy it through steam)

Any solutions?

09-17-2015, 04:28 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums Gerven, which browser are you using? have you tried using a different browser?

If this persists, please contact Technical Support https://support.ubi.com


09-19-2015, 09:15 AM
Gerven (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/1849891-Gerven): I just ordered a few days ago. I didn't use any of the platforms that include an internet browser because I had slow loading on them, my CPU is getting very fast to 100% (maybe it's a website problem). I used Uplay program that I have installed on my Laptop. So if you didn't try, maybe install Uplay on your PC and try to order from there. there was no redirect for me. Also from what country are you? Could be a regional bug...

Ubi-MoshiMoshi (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/970194-Ubi-MoshiMoshi): I preordered the H7 Digital Deluxe Edition at full price and it was stated there that I get 60 Uplay points, but non have been added. Will I get them after game releases or is it a bug? 10x

09-19-2015, 09:57 AM
Hi victorash, Did you receive an email stating this? as per the website instructions.

If not, please could you open a ticket with Technical Support https://support.ubi.com so they can investigate this for you.


09-21-2015, 11:06 AM
Hello Ubi-MoshiMoshi (http://forums.ubi.com/member.php/970194-Ubi-MoshiMoshi),
I received only an order confirmation email with the subject: "Ubisoft - Order Confirmation (Order #10523784859)" where is stated that this a a proof of purchaseThere was no email to tell me that I received 60 uplay points, I got this info on the order page as you can see bellow in the screenshot in the top right corner. you can also see there taht I have only 5uplay points. now, I know that when I preordered I clicked on the blue "Pre-order" button not on the "
Buy now and earn up to 60 Units " button, but I don't know if it matters. If this is a bug then I'll open a ticket.
10x for your help

http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r283/victorash82/60uplay points.jpg (http://s147.photobucket.com/user/victorash82/media/60uplay points.jpg.html)

09-22-2015, 10:45 AM
Hi victorash, you will receive the points on Heroes VII release.