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09-10-2015, 01:12 PM
Hello !

Ok have a survey is very nice idea, but how you done this is so badly, its like you give a survey and hope we think you care about what we think but atm this look the reverse !

How you should done this :

After every single question where you put 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. you should have a case where you can write a 200 letter comment, so you know why its noted like this.

At end of the survey i really wanted write something but this ended with a thanks but could never elaborate what i wanted say, so at end of a survey put a case with 3-4000 letter.

Like in the question : would you advice the game to someone else, i have reply : no, but you won't know why at all. how this give you any profit ?

A lot of people and meself included is lazy and do not want come on a forum outside where we buy the game, i buy on steam, i want read new on steam homm7 forum, i want give my tough on this game on steam forum, i want achievement there, and i really don't want uplay or collecting 1 forum for 1 game for every single game, i don't have buy a single EA game since they have got origin, and i have buy only might & magic (rpg or heroes) series from ubisoft.

Sorry for my english.

09-10-2015, 04:44 PM
This survey was nothing more for Ubisoft to see what the heroes 7 community likes, what games we play so they can adjust a news letter to it. The feedback has already been given on the forum to the Limbick company.

Yes i also filled the survey in and i complained about Uplay, will that matter? No ofc not.

09-10-2015, 05:00 PM
came here looking for a survey

was disappointed