View Full Version : What I like about this Heroes, so far

09-10-2015, 07:15 AM
1) It supports 4k (for the most part; still some blurry models here and there)

2) I like the UI button-click sound effect

3) I like that they did away with the dynasty system

4) I like the post-battle report screen

5) I like the resource diversity (still don't like the names/look of them, though)

6) I like the fact they added mage guilds back in

7) I like the option to turn off cinematic camera

8) I like the flanking system

9) I like that they buffed the top-tier creatures, since beta 1

10) I like the graphic light flare effect and accompanying sound effect, whenever you pick up something on the adventure map

11) I like the siege and warefare units system

12) I like the built-in castle defender creatures pool idea

13) I like the fact that the game will be releasing with both the wizard and warlock factions in place

14) I like the fact that the game will be shipping with a map editor!