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09-09-2015, 08:11 PM
Hello to all i'm Merry i don't know if there is another thread about customization options for syndicate if it is i apologize.
Now syndicate is an amazing new chapter for all Assassins Creed fans and not only personally after the first i didn't come to play the rest of the series games but now when i saw syndicate i just felt in love the setting is amazing... London is beautiful the characters are well imagined and realized voice over and everything just tie in perfectly so someone could say how it could be make it even better i believe customization could.. from what i read syndicate probably won't have any significant or NOT at all character customization if that's true then it's a big lack of feature for the game, customization gives you the option to make it more personal more self oriented to enjoy your own Victorian clothes style not to mention that if you could also aside from clothes you could also modify the items, accessories and arms that two brothers have that would make the experience even greater i believe customization is a future feature that's so important as the open world feature a must have and i stop now, i made this thread with you in mind so please express your feelings.. thoughts about character customization from top to bottom

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09-09-2015, 10:27 PM
It was stated pretty early that there is a progression/upgrading system but nothing as complex as Unity has. Later we found out that both characters have different skill trees. Jacob's is more combat focused while Evie's is more stealth focused.