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09-09-2015, 08:10 PM
- already bought buildings disappear
- already acquired skills disappear
- sometimes you can't switch castle from within the castle, for some reason it still worked from my original castle but not the second or third
- an enemy hero with NO ARMY got past MY choke point filled with units, nothing happened to the choke point, my units were still there. so how did he get through?
- I like the turn by turn play but the waiting time is ridiculous, also graphic animations are stuttering while the AI is playing
- I want to be able to see details/specifics of my units/heroes anywhere
- during combat I mostly use ranged attacks and one thing that bothered me was that the hourglass waiting/symbol stays if you keep the pointer on the enemy. you have to move the pointer away from the enemy and then back to see the ranged attack symbol

- save/load game BIG ISSUE on any medium map and larger, I got around it by never saving/loading
- crash right before combat sometimes