View Full Version : Random thread..... anyone using Overwolf ?

09-09-2015, 03:53 PM
I just got a new pc and in the usual bloatware unwanted software I found this little gem... overwolf and it is FREE (one of my favourite words ;))

it is an overlay with multiple apps to add or remove as you wish ..... google overwolf and it will show you a little of what it can do on youtube.

It records in game play video including your commentary AND anyone else in your voip... so if you want, you can record other players voices as well...

you can open a small browser window which is great when you need to google something or post ... it has youtube, twitter, FB, gmail, music players, streaming software including twitch

handy apps like calculator notepad alarm clock... I'm always late because I'm gaming 8^)

And you can adjust its transparency so it doesn't block the game if you want it open for a while...

I'm using the browser right now...

Might not be for everyone but even if you record in game video its handy... and Nvidia like it.

not sure it works with all games as many block onerlays but I love it.


supported games including AC series