View Full Version : The map editor

09-08-2015, 11:28 PM
This thing is crazy! You can do everything the devs used to make the campaign! Just watch the livestream video from Ubisoft Twitch to see what you can lol!

The game is going to be nice! But the editor we get is well worth over the 50$ you pay.

Thanks for that guys!

09-09-2015, 08:46 AM
Not really. It;s actually quite sad that they need an editor and modding tools to eventually let others (and yourself) make this game good/better. So many missed opportunities and bad decissions + focussed on wrong stuff (silly animation, camera moving when units attack, wich let's some objects get in front of your screen so you can't see the battle, thinking of silly names for resources when the old names were good enough) makes this game not a good game at the moment. Yes it is better then H6, but as been said many times, that is not that hard to achieve. Ofcourse we all have opinions and prefferences. But i agree that the stream yesterday was pretty good. I am pretty positive about the map editor and a bit about the modding tools.

09-09-2015, 04:19 PM
I saw the same empty map/s i used to see in HoMM5/6... forget the rich MP of HoMM3 - you'll get to use 2-4 heroes on an EMPTY map, not 8-9 heroes on day1 (each doing several iterations with the map) );

I saw RMG that can't be used without modding -> which translates as NO Multiplayer ):

I also saw terrible balance in the (only) 3 tiers, which means you get to kill anything with Tier1 armies and never, ever use the rest of the line-up/s. ): One GOOD thing here - there can be several units in an enemy stack. Still Tier1 rushes are so strong that NO enemy stack on the map matters after the initial 5-7 levels of the hero ): in HoMM3 it does matter getting lvl6 units week1 (to kill lvl2-3 shooters) and it matters a lot if you get lvl7 units with most of the Races. Here you have a good Tier1 unit in all 4 (shown) Races and Tier2 units are not needed (before some Last Battle) );

All in all the game will have no (minimal) initial Multiplayer value.