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Can we get some info on how damage is calculated (Attack vs. Defense, how Magic adds damage to spells, or how Novice/Expert/Master improve them) as it seems there are limits f.e. max 300% damage for attacks, correct?.

Also, am really interested in what the Luck/Destiny and Morale numbers mean (in terms of chances). At what point do we get 100% or very close to it?

Once I hit 100+ destiny/luck with my Medusas (Destiny skill and Fortune or the Exploration bug) I critically hit all the time and incapacitated stacks every round...seemed pretty overpowered...especially when using mass Fortune on multiple stacks of Medusas or the ability to cast 2 Prime spells...


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09-19-2015, 05:23 PM
The details are fluid and I'm not sure about some things, but hopefully this helps:

Base Damage: creature quantity * single creature damage range

Attack: add 5% damage for each point Attack is above Defense

Defense: subtract 2.5% damage for each point Defense is above Attack

Flanking: multiply damage by 1.25

Full-flanking: multiply damage by 1.5

For example, a full-flank of a 10 Defense creature by a 15 Attack creature would be:

((15-10)*.05+1)*1.5 or 1.25*1.50 = 1.875 times base damage

Max damage is 3*base damage and min damage is .3*base damage after all modifiers.

I believe Destiny and Leadership are straight percentages, so a creature with 20 Destiny has a 20% chance of a critical hit.

Critical Hit: 1.5 * max base damage

Grazing Hit: .75 * min base damage

I'm not sure if the critical modifier are additive or multiplicative. My guess it's:

Base Damage * critical modifier * attack/defense modifier * flanking modifier

Heroes have a starting Destiny and Leadership of somewhere around 10%.

Then add 10% for each of the first three ranks of the Destiny and Leadership skills for a total of around 40% each for heroes. Plus, artifacts, abilities, spells, sites, governors, etc. can raise Destiny and Leadership even further.

For every enemy stack killed, all friendly stacks receive +10 Leadership while the stack that killed it receives +20 Leadership. I believe it's cumulative if multiple stacks are killed and I believe the bonus lasts until the friendly stack's next action.

I'm not sure how spell damage works, but I'm guessing it's similar to the Attack/Defense modifier, but instead it's the Magic/Defense modifier. Also, I'm sure there is a damage multiplier as you progress from Unskilled to Novice to Expert to Master to Grandmaster. So, something like:

Base Damage * magic/defense modifier * skill rank modifier