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09-07-2015, 02:17 PM
I've run 7500 castles with all the heroes and I'd never seen this happen nor had it happen to me, so I was surprised when my castle treasure room door didn't open for a raider twice in a row.

I've heard other players say it happens and I was doubtful it happened to them - thinking it was probable that confuse and raise dead was causing the treasure room door to not open in their case - for those unfamiliar aggro'd confused mobs can be left behind and wont register as red dot on map when confuse wears off but need to be killed to enter trasure room... and raise dead has similar effect in that aggro'd creatures fighting raise dead skeletons can be left behind and wont appear as red dot on map but need to be killed to enter the treasure room. Wasn't the case here as I only have totem'd groups and the player went back to the start of the castle to check for missed creatures on the 2nd run.

From the way the Archer is playing I'm thinking killing the totems might have opened the treasure room gate/door. It's a guess... but the way he's constantly aggroing totem groups and then they get recalled... it may be causing a bug where the totems need to be destroyed too. That or the door might have opened after a minute or so if he waited - as I have also seen a bug where the bubble guardians skill remains active after it dies... so could still be registering as alive after raider killed last group? My last theory is he's stunning and killing some mobs outside totem recall range - maybe that has an interaction with the treasure room not opening?

I couldn't replicate the results using my own Archer on an alt. account and attacking using the same skills, weapon type and play style. Gate opened for me... so I am mystified - much like when I tried to replicate the Stabbington in the Treasure room bug :|

Run 1: game://replay/start?attackId=55ed619b5c983215582f4f42

Run 2: game://replay/start?attackId=55ed658d5c98320d34447c60

Thanks for your interest and for reading. I hope this bug can get squashed, good luck.

09-07-2015, 04:57 PM
This bug didn't get fixed when we HAD developers working on the game, what makes you think it'll get fixed now that everyone has been removed from the project?