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09-07-2015, 03:14 AM
Limbic engineers, artists, designers, and everyone involved directly with implementing this game,

I want to say that I am blown away with the potential that this game has. You have utterly destroyed the pathetic excuse of a game Heroes VI was. Your art, UI, creatures, battle mechanics, everything is amazing. Your game designers deserve a pat on the back for an excellent, excellent job! The game is so fun that I just really, really want to play it! Its a game that I actually think about wanting to play when I get home. But the problem is, I cannot, and that is not your fault.

I just want you to know, and anyone who thinks otherwise, the shortcomings of this game are in no way your fault. It is quite clear that this game is not ready for release. Its not even close. The game company that I work for would not even call this an internal Alpha. Its riddled with bugs, crashes, and UI glitches. I will name just a few here:

- Unacceptable

The AI logic seems to be running on the same thread as the UI. This means that when the AI is taking his turn, the UI is entirely unresponsive! The animations jitter, there's long delays when clicking on menu items, etc. There's also oddities like all menus are inaccessible except for the quests menu while its not your turn. This seems to be a hack put in to take focus away from how unresponsive the render loop is while AI is running.

Numerous crashes, notably the loading screen one.

Many scenarios where the game seems unresponsive while clicking on menus.

0 cheat protection. Its.. its as easy for me to hack as a simple Hello World program written in Visual Studio and ran in debug mode.

- Moderate

The UI for character panes in battles are constantly polling for army stack size (probably among other things). I know this because I have poked around in the diassembly a bit and manipulated memory to get a feel for how far separated UI is from the data. While this isn't terrible, it says something about the architecture overall.

Clicking menus in the castle often leads to race condition bugs. Sometimes data gets out of sync and certain menus become disabled, or show some state that they shouldn't be in

User experience nightmare. I showed some of out UX guys the design flow and bugginess and they almost lost their mind. The flow between certain menus and inconsistency is extremely amateur.

- Meh
UI flickering in menus. Its ugly, but its not game breaking. I honestly could care less about these.

A publisher who cares about their name, who cares about its customers, who cares about quality, would never - ever let something at this state go out the door. To do so shows greed, disrespect, and an utter disregard for the art and talent that they command. Ubisoft, you are unacceptable. You don't even try, you don't even care. The companies you control and the customers you serve are nothing but dollar signs to you, and its time that your name be publicly shamed for setting a terrible example of the games industry. These offenses you have committed against the games industry have put you beyond that of EA. You are at the bottom of the list when it comes to quality games. ** COMMENT REMOVED **

It is my hope that when people find Might and Magic Heroes VII unplayable, clunky, or not fun, that they keep in memory what the game was supposed to be. I hope they too see the massive potential in the game if only the development team were not being herded along like cattle by some publisher who just wants fast cash. So please, all hatred at the game's shortcoming should be directed at Ubisoft, for they are the ones forcing Limbic to release prematurely. Ubisoft is the one that time and time again just says, "Whether the game is ready or not, ship it so we can sell it". Limbic is just a victim.

09-07-2015, 10:40 AM
Hello, Frostbytes,

I want to thank you for feedback, however I have removed part of your comment as it is against our forum rules (Specifically, No Flaming). You can find the full forum rules here:


I respect your opinion, however parts are assumptions with no basis in fact and are quite unfair on the team that have worked hard on this game. I would highly recommend checking out the Limbic play and Q&A stream VOD here:


Specifically, see 53:50 into the VOD.


I have closed this thread to prevent further forum rule breaches.