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09-05-2015, 04:00 PM
Personally I'm not a fan of MD... as anyone who has read my past posts will know.

I have no objection to it especially as I know how much it means to other AC fans.....

MD is the story section that explains why we're able to play memories and why we play memories... it is just like the setting for the game to me and just storyline almost totally detached from the game. Getting a bit wild with suicide to save the world. (imho)

Others may have suggestions or better ideas they'd like to share here on how MD might work...

For me it has to be an integral part of the game...

to do this there would be a need for relevant missions in MD... if the templars had an animus and could send their own agent into the memory to race us in locating an artifact... it opens up... more danger in the memory.... a multiplayer option and an option to play as assassin or templar.... but it also means back in MD we could track down the templar animus and sabotage it... or defend our own animus. (which also offers team multiplayer)

upon locating the artifact we could then race the templars to its location in MD and there might be new problems... it might be locked in a museum or privately owned in a safe or bank... or its hiding place may have a building on it... or even it may be hidden in MD and needs tracking by solving some clues...(I just read that bit and it sounds a bit like National treasure movie sorry but still an option)

As for the 1st civ they could be guides to help or give advice in the memories... pointing out a possible route or highlighting options how to enter a building and possible places to look...

playing in an office is no good... Desmond nearly had it right but looking for batteries and climbing around in a cave still didn't make it seem connected with anything in the animus for me.

I know some of this might sound cliche but it's just a suggestion of how I think MD could become involving and work... if you have other ideas then put them down... I know the moderators forward things from time to time.

09-05-2015, 07:54 PM
Personally I think it works fine as it makes sense the way they are doing it IMHO. As of now modern day serves as a bridge between the past to show what influence the past is having on the present. Personally I loved the office bits and really doing much more to expand it wouldn't work untill Juno shows her hand. You have good ideas but at present that wouldn't work. Our key problem now is understanding how big of a threat Juno is. It's possible eventually that might work but right now the modern day IMHO needs to serve the same purpose it is now. Which is; Past gives us clues, we follow them in MD.

09-06-2015, 03:10 AM
MD does not link parts of the game together..... md bridges the game to the story and it does it by frustrating game players because it randomly breaks the immersion of the assassin game to add unnecessary plot...
Gamers like me don't need a story about mythical beings to have a reason to kill templars. . and maybe Ubi are starting to think that way.

The present, Juno and her influence is all story and nothing to do with the actual playing the game...
To make the point An assassin Ezio, Edward, Connor etc without MD and 1st Civ is still an assassin game... But take the Assassins from AC and you're left with just a story... no game.

I understand people like the story but need to understand just because curiosity makes them want to know how the story progresses doesn't make it part of the game...

The fact the MD guy is a mute does not save having A voice actor.. It saves having a cast of voice actors for every language where the game is released. It is a financial decision and dropping MD entirely would save more money.

I think ubi gave the MD a good try to please the story fans till it went awol because in an effort to add a twist each time it became less believable.

I think ubi are not sure what to do with md... If it carried on being intrusive to the game and the plot escalated to even more unbelievable levels... Ac may lose sales from gamers because they're trying to keep the story fans happy.

At present they put it more in the background... away from the game in AC4 and in Unity virtually removed it. Where it goes next we don't know. It could depend on what feedback Ubi gets... if people enjoyed Unity without any CIV/ MD then it may never return....apart from in data files and audio and in game cameos...
Without md there is no need for an extra story to be written or incorporated into the game... another money saver.

From the perspective of being solely a gamer the md has 3 choices

Disappear totally and just have the game...
Continue the story but after the game has ended... no more interruptions, no breaks in the game to see an md or 1st civ cutscene.
Or integrate it into the game...

Option 2 would work... we can play the game and when it was finished they could have an hour of MD and first Civ cutscenes with a little interaction... just for the story fans.
I'm happy with all 3 but option 3 lets everyone be happy but to do that... it has to be interactive not just a story...

09-08-2015, 03:42 AM
I understand your point but I don't agree. I play a story rich game for the story. I will admit the modern day was a tad dull in AC1 but the story got exciting from that point forward. Like it or not there are alot of us that love the modern day aspect of the game and the First Civ Juno , Abstergo are key elements to the plot. Without those plots the series wouldn't exist. The series is more than a history simulator it's a scifi fantasy game with historical elements. Ubisoft know what they are doing with it as they acknowledged minimizing it it Unity was a mistake hence why it is making a return. If they eliminate it they will also be eliminating a huge portion of their customers. They aren't stupid. I understand you don't like the MD but it is as key to the series as the Assassins.