View Full Version : AC III - Assassins Recruitment Progress Glitch

09-05-2015, 02:12 PM

I have 17060 of 17070 points in AC III in the only thing missing that keeps me from having the Completionist (and the NY 100%) Trophy is a glitch. My New York Assassin Recruit Jamie Colley is ultimately mastered to Level 11 like all the other recruits. However the progress tracker says he is only at 90%. I keep sending him to mission after mission, but there is no further progress that unlocks the achievements. There is also no further conversation available with him in the inn.

Is there any way I can resolve this?

Then I also would like to unlock the Boston 100% achievement, which I can't. Nothing to do in Boston anymore, but liberation mission icons are still displayed on the map, although these missions are not available anymore.

Help me pls