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09-04-2015, 11:49 AM
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Itís Sunday Nitro time! Actually itís Friday through Thursday nitro time because this event is lasting longer than 1 day. Welcome to the Public Multiplayer DLC Track Week!


You may have noticed that recently weíve added some more tracks to the public multiplayer rotation. However with so many X-Supercross and Trials tracks already in the rotation the new stuff maybe doesnít appear as much as youíd like. To give you a chance to get a healthy dose of these new tracks we will be removing all the old tracks for 1 week so that only newer tracks appear in the rotation.

What does it mean for you? For the next week all the base game Trials mode tracks & the original 10 X-Supercross tracks will not appear in voting during public multiplayer matches.


What will appear?

Weíll have over 50 Trials mode tracks from Trials Fusionís 7 DLC packs. I know I just said it but just in case hereís a friendly reminder, you do not need to own the DLC to play these tracks in multiplayer!

Weíve also added new X-Supercross tracks in our last 2 updates, 10 in total. These tracks will be available during the voting as well.


Finally, while we are still working out some issues with adding custom tracks to the public rotation we were able to add a few creations from our amazing community of builders to wet your appetite until we can bring a more satisfying serving of custom tracks. For now we have 5 custom X-Supercross Tracks:

Mare Crisium MP by HES92
Tomb Rider [FG] by FG-312
Pipeline by VEGASTRASH01
Jungle Zone fix [K8] by KALzzone8
Flame Wars by Redlynx

Thatís the deal, riders. Fire up Trials Fusion and jump into Quickmatch to test your skills on these new tracks against your friends and rivals online. Itís Trials time, baby. YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

09-04-2015, 01:51 PM
Great idea though it would be better if it lasted more than a week.
In fact keep it this way until you change the tracks and keep doing this
until people can setup their own public matches or continue.
There's nothing worse than being presented with the same old tracks to play.

When i heard you added more tracks i tried it and all i saw was the old tracks so ive not been back.
If this only lasts a week then it's back to square one.

Another suggestion.

Have easy, medium, hard, extreme track rotations to choose from when entering public MP. similar to
the way Driveclub has different types of rotation presented rather than, do this or leave.

I'm looking forward to trying this out. Thanks. :)

oh! and add whether a track is med,hard,ext so i know what bike to choose. It's difficult with just a pic to go from.

09-04-2015, 04:56 PM
Nice to know, might actually play some multiplayer this time around.