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09-03-2015, 09:14 PM
Hi there,

After playing some Heroes 7 and just Today ended watching Limbic 3 hours stream I would like to share some thoughts about the game itself, what is bad and what can be done:

The bad:

*AI speed (I saw that this one is dev's Beta, it run much better so I guess we wont be needing to wait for 6 min AI turns :D)
*Bugs - I hope they all be fixed, if not all then at least 99%
*Models from Heroes 6 - that topic I would like to discuss more, as I understand from stream in release it will be as they are now, and as I understood it's not the dev's choice. What we can do is after release if game sales goes well we need to ask (or demand) for Ubi so they could cast a vote for fans to pick 5-10 models (or all of them) which was brought from Heroes 6 and change them to new ones as it was with lich and vampire, thats the only choice I see here...
*Specializations - definitely need to change, bonus should be better in higher levels
*AI thinking - thats we will need to see in release, but lets hope it will be fun to play, one or another way it's one of most important part of the game, bigger time we playing with AI, so it should be playable, I can not tell which Heroes had best AI, but for sure we need to have competitive one
*AI is combat - I hope it will be polished enough, however at the moment I see it dump, attacks adjected unit, do not use wait (in easier lvl it should not use, but in higher ones - should for sure and etc...)

The good and what needs to be improved:

I could name much more than bad one, but most of them are already mentioned, what I wanted to note:

*Champion power, they are very nice now with huge hp, however it would be very nice to have some different stats between them, now it seams they all have 400-450 hp with a bit different stats (I did not played with all factions in beta2 so my feedback could be a bit wrong), but in Heroes 3 there was much better balance. For example Devil was fast, no retaliation, decent stats but had only 200 hp, while behemoth had 300, but was much slower and cheaper. What I wanted to say - need need some more unique stats for different champions so they could be played differently.
*Creature speed - they are ok now, but again, they are too similar to each other, hydra isn;t very slow, while black dragon is not fast enough, we need some creatures (especially flyers) to reach other side in one turn(maybe not core, but at least upg. elite and champions), at the moment maybe only Academy upg. champion Bird can do that, and some walkers to be slower (maybe to "play" with their stats and hp a bit, make more powerful but slower and others faster but weaker), but again it's balance and it's very hard to achieve what everybody wants...
*Skills - they are very nice indeed, just for balance I would like to add my opinion - in later levels (10+) it should be slower leveling, atm it;s too fast when you play with stronger creeps. After release or in next expansion it would be very nice to have some improved skill system, for example add 1-2 additional picks which can be picked only after picking something from other skill and is unique (Fire magic expert + some paragon perk to get bigger AoE for area damage fire spells)
*Spells - I would agree with dev's that they are good now, however it would be very good to have more spells, for example my dungeon hero was specializing in dark and prime magic, however in all magic guild there was no decent direct damage spell (I did not get agony and implosion maybe was a bit broken, because it did killed only 2% of stack hp)
In opposite - building who are giving spells, should give 1-2, not 3-4 of them, because there is no point capturing enemy town to get more spells from his magic guild if you can easily find it in the map.
*Town portal - make it more expensive and higher lvl (lvl15 town as requirement should be ok) at the moment it's too easy to get and it's a big advantage.
*Guards - I liked it very much and eager to test, sadly I could not test it well because of crashes and lack of testing time.
*Creature growth - in Beta1 I was very unhappy about it, however now I'm getting the point, it's the same as you get citadele/castle as in Heroes3, only you need to built it each for every creature and sometimes you need to choose which one is better, they are very nice now, however for better variety and more different gameplay you can add feature that you can sacrifice one creature growth for another one (for example you choose strider instead of medusa growth bonus to get 8 per week, but you can also instead of Minotaur bonus add it to strider again to make 12...), but it's only a thought to make gameplay more different - and it will be very hard to balance...

Overall I'm happy that I pre-ordered the game to support it. I love heroes franchise and hope it will get better and better...
Lets hope my feedback helps to make heroes 7 better game.

09-10-2015, 05:55 PM
wall o text, + your thoughts are not correctly categorized