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09-03-2015, 03:33 PM
Perhaps this should be in a "Bring up whatever you like " thread like the console forum has ?

Anyway... I'm just mid purchase waiting for my new system to arrive... and while posting on another monitor related thread... it occurred to me that maybe I should consider a new monitor.

At present I have a 24 inch benq 1920 x 1080 monitor...@60hz it has 2ms gtg ideal for when I'm playing fast games and 60hz/ 60fps is plenty for nearly all games.

now my new system is a

skylake i7 6700k running at 4.6Ghz
16Gb ddr4 ram (3000)
M2 drive
gtx 980ti 6GB

The system certainly is not strained by any game at present to use my current monitor... and I have thought about moving up to 1440p.

Reading a few posts from people who have moved to 1440p I see some regret this as game demands move on so quickly that their single card is struggling at 1440p after a few years...

SLI .... (check nvidias forum) is problematic and is often last to have drivers solve games incompatibilities ... by which time the games popularity is almost over. combine that with the fact that if I have 2 6gb cards I don't get 12gb as the vram doesn't stack.... so SLI users often have to turn off 1 gpu to play games.

The alternative is to buy a 144hz / 144fps monitor to increase smotthness in applications and programs and 1 or 2 racing/ flying games...so it will not help in most games I play.

I don't know if having a ROG ramdisk on my motherboard or dx12 tiled resources will help with textures and make 1440p the better option and mean my card will last longer before upgrading....

I watched a youtube video yesterday with several games being played at 1440p showing a single gtx980 ti and a titan x both averaging between 50 and 60 fps with all but 1 game Tomb raider 100+ fps) while a 4gb amd card and gtx 980 were averaging 20% less.... so in a year from now will games be making this card average 40 to 50 fps at 1440p ?

09-05-2015, 12:17 PM
a bit OT, But where did you buy the skylake processor in the UK?

I gave up waiting and got a i7 4790k ;)

Anything over 1080p IMO is waaaayyyy overpriced at the moment...
When consoles can do 4k it will be a lot cheaper IMO.

09-05-2015, 01:53 PM
scan pc 3xs Z170 vengeance ti but I configured it a few more hundred on top...

it is due to be delivered today... but i think a lot of their staff were at a computer show last weekend and orders are running late so I think monday or tuesday.

I don't think there's any advantage using skylake or ddr4 at the moment and the 4790k overclocks very well and will probably out perform the skylake in some games and match it in most of the others. but the M2 interests me with its speed for reading writing. and I wanted a new gpu as I've been underwhelmed by the 970 :eek:

there is a monitor I've seen that i an acer 4k2k but I cannot find out much about it other than it only offer 30fps using the hdmi so it needs the dvi to get 60fps.

I like to set 200 as a limit for monitors but even a modest 144hz is more... I must admit I am more drawn to the better resolution than fps... once a game is at a playable fps (obviously it varies depending on the type of game) then any extra fps is pointless. I think 60fps is enough for me even in flying /racing games... and although 3d gaming doesn't really appeal I might like 3d pictures and films... but the novelt might wear off quickly.

what I need is a 1440p monitor with 120hz but I'm not about to pay 600 for a gsync rog :p I better find a shop where I can compare.