View Full Version : Skills & Stallion Wrangler Exsabition

08-29-2015, 10:13 PM
Q1: What do all the little ribbons mean below a horses name?
My horse mustang Electra has 2 bronze color ones
But others have had silver

Q2: Also why is there an S or an R under the horse image?

Q3: can a horse with just a horse jumping icon get better to turn more skills or get a bronze icon ribbon?

What is the stallion wrangler thing a guy in a car tells you if you click on him? It says pay 50 diamonds, and night find a great rare stallion Do I win a horse through it?

09-27-2015, 01:25 PM
1. The ribbons beneath the horse's name are their skills.
They can have 1, 2 or 3 ribbons and the colour means how good the skill is ... Bronze - average, Silver - good, Gold - really good!

2. The letters indicate the rarity of a horse ... S - special, R - rare, E - elite and M - mythic.

3. You have a chance of earning an extra skill or even an upgrade to an existing skill when leveling up your horse after Level 10.

You won't always get a horse through The Wrangler and if you do, it may not be a stallion, I had The Wrangler bring me back a mare one time. The Wrangler may also just bring you back feed items for your horses. It's a game of chance, there's no guarantee that you will receive a horse from The Wrangler.