View Full Version : Week of Magic manacosts bug

08-29-2015, 04:05 AM
Somehow I dont have access to Beta forums, although I have the Beta itself, so posting there.
I had 2 heroes:
1) Orna (Haven), with talent for -40% manacost for Light spells, maxed Paragon, equipped magic stick item which gives "-4 manacost for Prime spells" and some tier 1 spells in spellbook
2) Some cleric Haven with no mana-related talents and items, just economy stuff
And here comes the Week of Magic: "-50% manacosts"

Now lets do some math, the first hero has two Light Spells, Heal and Sun Beam, with base manacosts 20 and 10 respectively, with Light talent they cost 12 and 6, during the Week of Magic they are supposed to cost 6 and 3. Well.
At some point, in the combat I notice that my spellbook looks that way:
Zero manacost, for real? Unfortunately I can't say whether Sun Beam was actually free, or was it some kind of interface bug, because I aborted combat after a turn or two (but I sure it looked the same way after "Fight Again". When I loaded pre-combat save, and reentered combat, manacosts in Spellbook were highter, but still too low to be true, as follows:
This time I'm pretty sure that spells costed exactly these amounts, you can notice 59 mana aveliable, it's the result of casting Sun Beam at initial 60 mana.
Then I reloaded the save couple times, nothing changed anymore, it was still 1 mana for Beam, and 3 mana for Heal. Note how other non-Light spells cost 2 mana (I believe they have base cost of 10 mana), and somehow Fortune (prime) spell costs 2 while it is supposed to be cheaper than Stoneskin due to magic wand I had, remember?
Before combat, at the adventure map, Spellbook had low manacosts either:
Next thing I did was checking manacosts on my second hero, they were just base, instead of being halved due to Week of Magic:
I messed around for some time with equiping/uneqiuping magic stick, I believe it changed nothing, then I moved on playing and exploiting the huge advantage of having almost free spells 'till the end of the week ^^
Today, I launched the game again, and loaded that save back, out of curiousity. I checked Orna (1st hero) Spellbook, it seemed pretty normal:
Again, I can't see magic stick effect (4 manacost for Prime spells).
Then I enter combat again, yay, manacost are again 1 for beam, 3 for heal, 2 for the others. Tried casting Fortune - it actually took 2 mana. Reload, cast adventure spell (Ylath's Clairvoyance) - it took 5 mana (as intended and as seen in Spellbook actually).
Okay, reload again, checking the 2nd hero: his manacosts in spellbook are base (e.g 20 for Heal, 10 for Ylath's) so no effect from the Week of Magic at all, although the effect is present in the status bar. Casted Ylath's - it took 10 mana, as indeed seen in spellbook. Okay. engage the combat with 2nd hero, check the book - manacosts are halved now, e.g. 5 for Beam (base is 10, no talents), 10 for Heal (20) and so on.
What a mess, aint it? ^^