View Full Version : Introducing Raven Greenface

08-27-2015, 08:49 AM


Raven Greenface - Opulencia's Misstress of Materials.

The function of Raven Greenface would be to help players obtain the materials they want for a pricey Life Force fee. I don't think many players would argue against the fact there's a surplus of Life Force in Opulencia and that it tends to collect and overflow in castle coffers. Raven Greenface could be part of the solution to not only encourage more player activity and attacking, but also to help provide more of a purpose and balance to the games economy.

Raven Greenface would function similar to the games Blacksmith. It would have a few different functions to help players obtain their desired materials. It would have a Craft functionality where a number of same rarity materials could be transformed into a random material of the next highest rarity. This could be called Dark Ritual and would cost Life Force.

Raven would also have a Reforge function similar to the Blacksmith where a material of whatever rarity can be changed into another material, same rarity and of that players choice for Life Force. This could be called Grave Exchange.

Then down the track Raven Greenface and the Blacksmith could also be given new, awesome functions for high gold, life force and material prices to imbue materials and items with unique modifiers. I won't theorycraft that now... but food for thought and progression/expansion.

Anyway. Thanks for your time in reading this.