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08-25-2015, 08:09 PM
Hey y'all, thought of a couple of theories/ideas for things they should probably have considered (unless they already have) when thinking out the game. Now I'm assuming they haven't thought of these, but if they have then I think it makes for a cracking tale.

England Ruled by Templars:

The Knights Templar were clad with the cross of Saint George, you know, the guy who slayed the dragon. The same cross is now the flag of England, and has been for some time. Would it not then make sense to place England under the control of Templars? They mention already that there is corruption is rife in London and that oppression needs to end, but the link between the flag of England and Templars has never been spoken about, but maybe we'll only find out when the game comes out. This is a prime opportunity to justify placing the game in Victorian London.

That said, if England is run by Templars, where does that place Victoria? Is she a Templar? Is one of her close aides a Templar? She was allegedly the target for seven assassins, so maybe there was a fictional reason that could be inter-woven into the game?

The Irish Republican Brotherhood (founded 1858) could also have a role to play. Their desire to obtain Home Rule for Ireland often met with bloodshed. This could be seen as England oppressing Ireland through Templar control. Now, on the Unity start screen which features a number of missions that are not playable, including some from assassins we have not met. One of them is speculated to be an Irish assassin from the 1920s by the looks of the image (Hell in Hibernia - Hibernia being the old name for Ireland). The Brotherhood was formed as a result of hostilities between the two countries.
Home Rule was still not fully granted until 1922 only after the Irish War of Independence, which saw its fair share of assassinations (would also make for a very cool game). Now, could there have been hostilities between an Irish branch of the Assassins order and the Templar-run England? Who knows?
See the start screen: Hell in Hibernia:

Darwin and unspoken evolution:

So Darwin's involvement with the game? I highly doubt there'll be a mission where Jacob/Evie have to assassinate someone who disproves of Darwin's evolution theory. I doubt it'll be about birds (unless about eagles or rooks etc..), but what other state of evolution exists in the AC universe?
The assassins are descendants from the first civilization. Would Darwin be on to this? Would he know or speculate about there being humans who came from something which existed before? It would certainly make for a cool story/mission, but also allow us to sink back into the first civilization back story we all love and miss.

Abstergo in London:

So this is a short one. Since we can presume we're still rolling with that whole 'lets play a game inside a game' spiel Ubisoft is pulling with recent AC games, would it not be cool if they have an office in London? Where we can look out over the modern metropolis. The reason I bring this up? Where should they place the office? Where would be better than the Shard? looks a lot to me like the shards that appear through synchronisation and loading screens. Would be an awesome office and missed opprunity! Looks like the sort of building such an establishment would be in.
See the Shard:

So that's a few theories.
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Now, being an enthusiast of the history of city development and particularly London, I couldn't help but theorise about the locations that will feature given the maps.
So far we know that:
Westminster Palace
Buckingham Palace
Trafalgar Square
Tower of London
Royal Exchange
Bank of England
St Paul's Cathedral

are all in the game.

We know that:
Charing Cross Station
Victoria Station

are in the game, and thanks to the twins trailer, my suspicions that Cannon Street Station is in the game, are confirmed. Waterloo will also feature, also likely Liverpool Street and another which may be Euston or something else, but doesn't look like it.

Through extra looking, I can see that Covent Garden, Leicester Square, St James' Square, The Strand, Fleet Street (hopefully featuring Temple Bar Gatehouse), Drury Lane, Holborn Viaduct and Lincolns Inn Fields are all in the game. The map may be extended, as the version i have seen, the Tower of London looks to be out of the map, yet in recent gameplay it is in the map, and looks as though it extends beyond.

This said, things we wont see: Tower Bridge (unfortunately built in 1890s). We likely (stupidly) probably wont see Kings Cross (1852) or St Pancras (1868) as they look too far north. Would have been nice to have them. Would also be great to see the underground system, as maps from 1868 prove it existed.
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So that is a few theories and ideas about what I am thinking in terms of the game.

Let me know what y'all think. I am absolutely dying to see how this game turns out. I'm sold it;s fair to say...even though they've massively squashed London, but who can blame them!


08-25-2015, 11:02 PM
Would also be great to see the underground system, as maps from 1868 prove it existed.

The first section of Underground from Paddington to Farringdon (completed 1863) 'might' reach the top of the map, but whether it can be accessed is another matter...