View Full Version : Things I found interesting about our protagonists from the AC universe.

08-24-2015, 03:40 PM
Good day family,

Here are somethings I found to be exceptionally interesting, usually when im playing the game I try to feel the drive and motive of the protagonist in order to give more excitement as i'm playing as that character.

1- Ezio: Ezio is basically a substitute assassin for his father, when his father informed to go and grab his assassins gear and letter in order to free him, however it was a surprise that Alberto was a secret agent for the templars, later on, after the death of Giovanni, Ezio felt compelled to kill Alberto to keep his mother and sister safe, additionally , when learning of his heritage and how the templars seek to rule Florence, it is a fate that was burdened on him in replacement of his father.

2- Connor: Well you all know his story, ill make it simple, he actually beleives the word of Juno and when the end came, he realised that he would compromise by seeing his people being exiled by the colonists, than actually seeing them being destroyed by the templars, the lesser evil.

3- Arno: I recon the whole time Arno was doing what he was doing because deep inside he was looking to gain Elise attention and love (probably since he first laid his eye on her as a kid), when she blamed him for the death of her father, he was hurt that the women he truely loves has accused him of something so deep and true (she showed him the letter he failed to give me his caretaker Mr.Del La Sir) throughout his life his mission as an assassin was to seek redemption to finally be able to be with Elise and his final love.

Im going to take a deeper look on Edward later, but its nice to see whats the internal struggle that happens for the characters through their development.